Summer Love

Louis Tomlinson fan fiction :D


9. Chapter 9-I...I..Um...

 Hope you like this chapter! It's so cute :D

The next morning I woke up, Thee sun was shining, flowers were blooming and all that was left was talking birds to reenact Cinderella. I pull my hair in a messy bun and just grab whatever is in my suitcase. As I walk out, Liam is making coffee, ahhh the wonderful smell of coffee. He jumps when he hears my voice behind him. “I don’t mean to brag But I made I out of bed.  Go me!” Liam laughs and hands me a cup of coffee. I stare at him with a lot of admiration as I dink my coffee. Louis walks in and stares at me and Liam then walks out of the lounge. Liam says” Well that was weird” I just mumble “mmhm” coz the look on Louis’s face was pure jealousy. I wonder why, perhaps coz Liam only made coffee for me 😃 ah well. Liam stares at me and says” Nice shirt, did you make it?” “ Welll no, I designed it, but definitely did not make it.” I look down to see what I have actually picked out. “oh, this shirt, That’s my motto by the way :Eat,Pray,Slay,” I say. Liam laughs and says “Can you go and check on Louis? I have to go and wake the boys up.” I agree and we go to our separate missions to save the day.

“LOUIS! LOUIS! WHERE THE FUCK ARE YOU?” I shout. I hear shuffling near me and suddenly louis’s face appears upside down. “Hello, miss me?” He says. I scream and stand up “WHAT THE FUCK!” Louis pouts and says” What? No hug?” I hug him and say “I was so worried about you when you walked out. Why did you walk out?” Louis blushes and says “I needed a walk.” I frown and question “Since when did you have walks?” Louis says “look, Um… I ummm” I have never seen him stutter before, its pretty cute. Louis smirks and says “thanks 😃” Shit, did I say that out loud? Louis smiles and says “yeah you did.” I Sigh and say “out with it. Why did you run off? I won’t judge you.” Louis says”Fine Um, I-I-I-I-“ I urge him to go on. “Fine, willshfghyousgucjgohkdoutjfnjfwithlfkfkme?” He slurs. I staere at him as I try to make sense of the words. I finally interpreted the words and just stare at him in shock. I hug him and he exhales a breath I guess he was holding.  I think about if I should accept it or not, I mean, he is a great guy but isn’t this too fast? Ah screw it. I smile up to him “no.”. His face drops and says “its okay, I understand.” I shush him “no, You need to say my whole name.” He finally gets it and rolls his eyes while smiling, ”Brooklyn Maria Johnson, Will you go out on a date with me?” I nod and smile “Yes, Louis yadda yadda.” He cracks up and says “Lets go back to tell the others.”

AWWWWWWWW, more to come XD

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