Summer Love

Louis Tomlinson fan fiction :D


8. Chapter 8- Hospital

Hahaha, Cliff hanger last time :p Welllllll Hope you like it!


“BEEP BEEP BEEP BEEP” The machines beside me keep beeping. I slowly open my eyes and I’m not home in California nor am I in school. There’s a guy sitting beside me and I cautiously say “hi. What are you doing here?” The guy’s head snap up and his face shows relief. “THANK GOD! Brooklyn, are you okay, me and the boys are so sorry!”. I curiously ask him “Who are you and why do you know my name?” His face falls and says “No, no , no. Why?” I just stare at him and say” Why what?” He takes a deep breath and gives me a recap on what happened. I blink as the memories flash back to me. I sigh and say “liam….”

Liam just sighs and says” Yes?” I ask him “When will I be discharged?” Liam just stares at me for a moment and slowly answers” Not any time soon Brooks. You got hit by a car! A CAR! At least one week since you have a concussion and a broken leg.” I just sigh and look out the window.


FINALLY, IM FREE! AFTER THOSE TWO WEEKS! IM FREE! THEY LET ME GO! THEY LET ME GO! 😝 Good ole frozen jokes 😃. Liam is the only one that visited me since I requested the other boys to not visit me. I get excited when we pull up to the hotel. Fans are waiting outside as they know They are staying here. I sigh and groan. Liam frowns but doesn’t say anything. As we walk out, the fans keep screaming and asking “Liam is this your girlfriend?” Or “Liam, who is this?” Liam Just smiles briefly but doesn’t say anything and keep ushering me into the hotel. He sighs and rubs his face when we get into the life. I look at him and  shake my head. We chuckle lightly and walk to the Boy’s lounge room. As he opens the door, The boys heads all snap to me and they begin apologizing profusely. I shout over them” OI! I’M HERE AND ALIVE, IN ONE PIECE, SO STOP APOLOGIZING !” The boys keep silent after that. I chuckle and I say “Never mind, Keep apologizing.” They laugh and start shouting sorry all over again.

Sorry for the lame chapter, NEXT CHAPTER IS SO CUTE AND DRAMATIC AND OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG im not uploading it today. :p SIKE>

xx, Z.



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