Summer Love

Louis Tomlinson fan fiction :D


6. Chapter 6- WAKE UP



I hope you still like it :p

I wake up to a voice shouting “ RISE AND SHINE MY LOVELIES” I manage out a slur “ No, I don’t exactly “rise and shine. Most days, I just caffeinate a lot and hope for the best.” Louis chuckles” I don’t get how you can still make jokes like this in the morning.” I retort” Well, without caffine, I would be Britney 2007.” Louis pulls the sheets off me and shouts “ WAKE UP! TIME TO GO TO WORK!” I sit up immediately” Geez, what time is it?” Louis grins and says” 3 am.” I stare at him and when I finally get it, just slump back and  groan “Get out.” Louis just stares at me and pouts. I try not to look at him as I can’t resist his pouty face. I use the pillow to cover my head and I hear him leaving. I sigh and go back to sleep.

“WAKE UP! WAKE UP!” A sense of Déjà vu rushes over me. I sluggily ask” What time is it?” “SUMMER TIME!” yells back Harry as he giggles himself to death. I swear, that boy is crazy. In a good way. I just stared at him and he sighs and says”9 o’clock. But good news, according to Paul, we have 1 month of holiday until we get back on tour!” I start to say “ Then why did you even wake me” But he continues” buuuuut, according to us, you are not allowed to sleep in as we are going to Disneyland today.” I ait up and say” Disneyland?” Harry just smriks and leaves the room. I change and put on my makeup in a rush. I have NEVER been to Disneyland before.**outfit below**


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