Summer Love

Louis Tomlinson fan fiction :D


5. Chapter 5- On the plane

Short chapter since it was a "stupid cliff hanger"​  So yeah, here it is!

BTW, after some suggestions, I have decided to make this into a louis fanfic instead. :)


I grin as I looked at the amazing coastline view. I can’t believe I’m in Orlando! Maybe I can visit Disneyland now…I hope I still have time when I am designing clothes, merch for them. I’m still   pretty nervous about their reactions. Mom called me to say Jay was camping outside our house. That fucking bastard. Anyway, I am at the airport----No shit Sherlock. Never mind. I see two bodyguards walking over. This was it. This was when I scream and faint. The boys come out after the two men. Paul, who was the one who called me, looked around, for me I guess. I smoothened my frizzled hair and hope I looked presentable enough. I walked over to them and naturally, the two bodyguards blocked me, pushing me backwards. I called out” PAUL! ITS ME BROOKLYN!” He turned around and smiled when he saw me. The boys are now curiously looking at me too. Wow, way to go brooks, congrats. Louis blurts out” What the hell? Who are you?” and gets hit on the head by Liam for being so blunt. I smiled and said” Dixie Normas. That's my stripper name. ” Harry burst out of laughter so did the rest of the boys while I stood there, pretending I looked offended. Paul chuckled a bit and said” All right, Get moving, Get in the car.”

*************(In the car)****************

Liam says” Forgive us for being so rude just now.” I said” Forgive you sure. Forget about it, not a chance in hell. ” Liam widened his eyes and said” Shit.” I laughed at his facial expression. He grinned and said” Goddamnit, you are going to be the death of us.” Louis turned around in his seat and said” Not to be rude, But seriously, what are you here for?” I smiled cheekily and said” The men.” All of them laughed and I just shrugged and said” I’m your clothes, merch, makeup designer from now on. Along with Lou, of course. Not for you guys.” Niall laughed and said” We don’t have a chonce against Lou.” I smiled at his accent and started chating “chonce boy” along with Louis.

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