Summer Love

Louis Tomlinson fan fiction :D


3. Chapter 3-Meet and Greet


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I park outside the venue. I hesitate as I open the door. Can I do this? Can I? Jay brought me to my first one direction concert. He bought every one direction merch, album out there. Being here….Just….The memories. I Think in my head: I need a boy that ruins my lipstick and not my mascara. Jay will not ruin my music interest too. I lift my head and walk in. The crowd  is singing “Happily”. I flee from the room. Happily was me and Jay’s song. Me and Jay have been together for….4 years. I sigh and walk back to the jeep. Sorry boys, I can’t do this.

As soon as I get back, my phone starts to ring. I checked the caller ID that it was not Jay,, but instead was from a private number…. I take the risk of being scolded by my math teacher, being raped by my math teacher, getting abused by my math teacher… AND THE WORSE CASE: My math teacher giving me more homework about pi or angles. The only pi I want to know about is what is the special discount pie in the café round the corner. I pick up the phone and say “ Hello? This is Nadia----Sorry, Brooklyn speaking.” The caller on the next line asks me my personal information and I know, I know stalker danger and all but…ummm…but….Okay, you know what, he can come to stalk me. I’m sure my face will scare him/her off. The caller says” Ah, Brooklyn you are exactly what we have been looking for, would you….”

The next words make me think that this day was all a dream.

CLIFFHANGER! AHAHAHAHA! -laughs evilly but chokes- **chokes** Um okay, I'm here. Still kinda a slow chapter but the next chapter gets more interesting...




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