Summer Love

Louis Tomlinson fan fiction :D


36. Chapter 35

Louis's POV
After we ate our dinner that became cold, coz, you know, can't resist her. The words in our song kept swirling in my head" There's nothing like us, there's nothing like you and me." I couldn't sleep, I turned over to cuddle Brooklyn but I found her missing. I heard her footsteps coming back up the stairs and I stood up to look at her. Her eyes were closed,like she was sleep walking. She was holding a cup of water and drank from it before putting it on our bedside table and going back to bed. I stared at her weirdly before shrugging it off.
I shook Brooklyn again and again, yet she didn't wake up. I panicked, calling my doctor. Doctor Clarkson seemed unconcerned, saying Brooklyn was just in an episode and hopefully the last episode. Brooklyn shuddered and blinked. She sat up and said" It was a dream, just a dream, just a dream, just a dream" She keep on mumbling this words to herself while I stared at her, worried. Doctor Clarkson soundlessly took some pills out of his briefcase and handed it to me. I gave it to Brooklyn and she gulped it down with the cup of water and asked the doctor" How long?" Doctor Clarkson shrugged and said" About 19 hours, not too bad. We're getting there." Brooklyn shuddered and said" I was back at the orphanage." Doctor Clarkson shook her head and said" Why didn't you take the medicine?" I sat there,with Brooklyn on my lap while I was stroking her knuckles. She tensed up as she told us what had happened in her episode. She was back in the orphanage, back at the lockdown, back at the shooting. She and Aria were the only ones who survived, the only kids who were smart to pretend to be dead. Aria was actually asleep so she didn't really know what happened. All she knew was their big sister,Victoria, sacrificed herself. I had tears streaking down on my face, thinking about how scared she was, and at only 6 years old,too. Brooklyn kept squeezing my hand and Doctor Clarkson nodded and managed to keep her voice steady, telling Brooklyn that it was going  to be alright. As soon as the doctor left, I pulled Brooklyn into a long kiss and asked" why didn't you tell me earlier?" She just smiled and said" Didn't want to." as she snuggled into my chest. I go to Netflix just to distract her. Well, both of us.
I wake up with a stiff back. I find Brooklyn curled up on my legs. I nudge her a bit and instead of moving, she hugs my legs even tighter and I can't help but chuckle. " Has anybody told you that you act like a cat sometimes?"I ask. "Miao" is all she answers with. I try to move out of bed without her noticing. She mumbles"  'M comfortable!" I laugh and say" Yes, but I want to make breakfast!" Brooklyn shakes her head and said" I've got someone to do that." I asked her " who?!" She grins and presses a button on the bedside table. Zayn comes in, dressed in a girly manner. I stifled a laugh and Brooklyn said" He owes me. So, This is great payment." Zayn groans and turns to me" Hey,Lou---is. Louis." I say" Hey Zayn, I would come to man hug you, but I've got a kitten curled up on me. Zayn laughs and said" I'll make you both breakfast?" Brooklyn giggled from the end of the bed and said" Get going, Peasant."Zayn came towards her, eyes glowring with Nick hatred and said" What did you say?" Brooklyn spoke louder" Peasant." Zayn reached down and tickled Brooklyn. Brooklyn was screaming for mercy and I carried her away, like a knight in shining armour.We both burst out laughing and Zayn was laughing from our bedroom too.

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