Summer Love

Louis Tomlinson fan fiction :D


35. Chapter 34

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Brooklyn's POV
I am now standing in front of management, explaining that I was indeed 2 months pregnant. The people sighed and said" You have tours, albums, music videos to do. How are you going to do all that while being pregnant?" I shrugged and whsipered" I don't know." Management asked me" You have to choose. The baby or prodigy?" I stare at them and say softly"The baby." They sigh in disappointment and told me to pack up and go. I sigh and walked out. I saw this coming.Louis hugs me and says" Did it go well?" I shook my head and looked down. He smiled and said" Well great!10 months later you will be starting at Capitol Records!"I gaped  at him and hugged him tightly. He hugged me back and kissed my temple. I looked up at him and said" I think we have a doctor's appointment right?" He nods and we get in the car.
**doctors office**
The doctor looks at the xray and frowns slightly before excusing himself. I look over to Louis and sigh. Louis strokes my hair and the doctor comes back. He comes back and announces" Well..You are having quad-triplets!Congratulations!" Louis cheers while I sit there, stunned. The doctor interrupts us and says" Wait-- One of them will have ADHD."
Louis shrugs and says"We were planning to make them sugar high anyway." I nod and stand up, leaving. But the doctor halts me and says" I would like to speak with the mother privately." Louis nods and blows me a kiss and saunters out. The doctor pulls me aside and asks" Did you tell him yet?" I shake my head. The doctor tells me" It will have to be soon." I nod and  fake a smile that I have been faking since I was 6. The doctor gives me my medication and leads me out.
**at their house**
Louis smiles when he sees me and says" What did he have to say?" I shrugged and said" Nothing much.." Louis looks at me strangely and I say" I have something to tell you..." Louis frowns and  takes my hand into his and says" Go on..." I said" I'm...I...uh...take medication to cute my sickness and somehow that triggered the baby's brain and it's my fault that he/she has ADHD." Louis smiles softly and says" Brooklyn. It's not your fault----" I interrupt him" Shhhhh. Let me explain. I have   Klein-Levin syndrome. It means I have episodes every once a while. Something must have triggered it and it affected the brain and made him/her have ADHD. I'm so sorry Louis. I had this syndrome for a long time. I wake up crying or lost."Louis turns away from me and I ask him worryingly" Louis? Baby?" He turns back to me and says" I won't let the episodes hurt you ever again." I melt into his arms and sigh. I blurt out the words before I think" I haven't had someone care about my episodes for a long time." Louis says" Zayns mom is very caring, what do you mean?" I sigh and say" I was adopted, along with my twin sister Aria. Aria doesn't have any syndrome. When Zayn's mom adopted me, Aria would just tell her I fell asleep and such. When I finally told her, I ran away from home before I could see her reaction. We have been texting, but she has  never said anything " He hugs me and says"I'm here for you no matter what"
Louis's POV
I tweet the picture and turn to see Brooklyn passed out on the couch. After she told me that she has Klein-Levin Syndrome, I hugged her for a while and watched "The fault in our stars" Brooklyn was paying attention the movie whilst I just stared at her sea foam green eyes. She passed out in the middle of the movie. I rub her tummy and say" My four little angels living in my big big princess. I go to Twitter and I see a twit-long from Prodigys account
Dear legends, we are very sad to announce that Brooklyn will be leaving the band due to personal reasons. This is not a prank and may be permanent , we are not sure.  She decided to leave against our protests and she will forever be part of us. We are saddened to see her leave. Best wishes to her, love, management.
I grit my teeth and comment:
That's not what happened and you know it. You were the one who forced her to leave, asking her to abort or tours.Saddened my arse.
I  switch off my phone and rouse her. She numbles"Mom! Five more minutes!" I chuckle and say" Too bad I'm not your momma is it?" Brooklyn half smiles and says" Sunshine?" I kiss her cheek and say"That's me." She blows a tiny kiss at me and covers her head with the pillow again. I tell her" Get up! I'm making dinner for you!" Brooklyn groans and whines" But I'm comfy!" She then pouts and sits on the bed, looking at me. I sigh and say" There's no saying no to a princess is there?" She smiles cheekily at me and snuggles in the covers again.


I walk in and carry the tray of ribs,mashed potatoes, milkshake and such. I see her propped up on the bed, watching Mean girls. I laugh and she turns to me. She yells" SUNSHINE!" I chuckle at her and she cast her eyes down, pretending to pout. I hugged and her and she said" Not until you say sorry" I hugged her tighter and said" Sowwy Pwincess" She fake sighed and  said" I guess it'll have to do." She ruffles my hair and takes a sip of the milkshake. She widens her eyes" Loubear,this is horrible,horribly good." I tense up and then hit her." You did not need to scare me." She snuggles up to me and says" I'll love anything you do, loulou." I blush and she teases" Aww did my sunshine become a tomatoe?" I blush even harder and retort" Well I'm still your tomatoe. She blushes and I grin. She takes a bite of the steak and says" This is nice." I laugh at her shot on changing topics. Then "Nothing like us" comes on. Brooklyn looks at me and says"This is our song." I smile and nod.

hey! 1086 words, hope it makes up xx,
not reAllly that much of a chapter it kinda sucked...PLEASE VOTE MORE AND SHARE THIS BOOK♡♡♡

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