Summer Love

Louis Tomlinson fan fiction :D


34. Chapter 33

​new chappies!!!


Brooklyn's pOv
I kind of regret letting Louis stand in the audience. He decided it would be funny to make faces at me while I was singing, resulting in a very giggly me during the solos. Also, he had to hear me singing breakup songs about him. I don't think he liked that.The worst part was, he told the security who he was and they let him up. He climbed on stage and while fans screamed, he sat cross legged in the middle of the stage, looking all smug and sat there reading a freaking book that he had bought along with him. I stifled a laughter and asked him sarcastically,"Feeling comfortable?" He shook his head and said"No, I'm cold and I need a Brooke Cuddle." The whole audience "aw"ed and I rolled my eyes playfully and sat next to him. He takes my microphone and says"I have something to sing to you,Brooke." What was he doing?
Louis's POV
I started to sing the song I wrote for her, the song that never made it to the album. 
"Hey,I've got something to say, but everytime I tried to say it, the words came out wrong, so I guess I'll have to say, I love you, in a song." Brooklyn laughs and sings back"The words came out wrong, so I guess I'll have to say, I love you in a song. I love all the little jokes we have, I love all the little things, I have 3 words,2 you,  I love you." The fans scream and I laugh. The fans start chanting"KISS KISS KISS!" I looked at Brooklyn and she made a face. I laughed and hugged her. Then I saw a familiar face in the audience.It was Daphene.
Brooklyn's POV 
I follow Louis's gaze and broke away from the hug. The audience went silent as I walked off stage, into the backstage. The whole stage went black and I could hear the outro of the concert. We ended 15 minutes early. Louis follows me and says" Babe? Are you alright?" I nod slightly and say"let's go to a club." The girls cheer and we go to the club
**in the club**
I walk back from the toilet and see Louis talking to the barmaid. I go up to him and say" Hey babe." But he barely notices me as he passes a paper to her, written"5114 7689, use it for reference :)" I growl and walk to the girls. Lauren pouts and says" I'll go back with you." The rest of the girls want to stay so I let them stay. Lauren guides me into the tour bus while I softly cry into her arms. She locks the door behind her and hugs me tighter. She strokes my hair and says" Sweetie, it's okay" I nodded and fell asleep in her arms.
I'm awaken by 98 missed calls and 34 texts. I rub my eyes and look at the messages. All are from Louis, reading" Babe? Where are you? Are you okay? Please reply" I just roll my eyes and switch off my phone. Louis barges into the room with Lauren trailing after him. Louis hugs me and I pull away and walk to the bathroom. Louis sounds confused as Lauren explains to him what happened. I take a deep breath and walk out. Louis holds me captive in his arms and says" It isn't what it looked like." I stay silent and he continues. "Her friend wanted to get tickets. I figured since she was hard working, she could get 5 cup tickets." I want to stop crying but instead I start crying even more hystric. Louis frowns at me and says" Are you okay? Are you feeling well?" I nod my head and he hugs me and kisses me softly on my temple. I cried into his shoulder. I don't know what I'm crying about though.
Louis's POV 
Brooklyn wouldn't stop crying no matter how much I comforted her. Something's up with her. Lauren whispers to me" I think she is on her period." Brooklyn shakes her head and says" I missed mine" I gasp as the dots connect for me. Lauren gasps as well and says" Brooklyn, are you pregnant?" Brooklyn looks up and gasps. Lauren goes to ask one of the bodyguards to buy a pregnancy stick. I wrap my hands around Brooklyn's waist and wait.
**Lauren comes back*
"Babe, please?" I plead Brooklyn. She sighs and nods her head slowly and goes to do the test. After 5 minutes, she comes out looking like she saw a ghost. I run to her and ask her" What are the results?" She nods to the bathroom and goes into the lounge. I walk into the bathroom and look for the stick. It says"Pregnant". I run to the lounge and hug Brooklyn tightly. Brooklyn frowns and says" Are you going to leave me?" I shake my head and ask" Why would I?" Brooklyn mumbles something incoherent and I hug her tighter. Lauren informs us"You have to do an appointment next week. According to Brooke's symptoms, she is already 2 months pregnant."

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