Summer Love

Louis Tomlinson fan fiction :D


33. Chapter 32

Brook's pov
Louis enters the tour bus and says"Woah...your bands tour bus is a lot fancier than ours." I smile at him and say" Only the best for queens. Amirite ladies?" The rest of the girls shout back" HELL YEAH!"Louis laughs at us and takes his hand into mine, saying" Its your first tour...and I..." I cover his mouth with my hand because I know what's coming next. He removes my hand and says" And I am coming with you!"  I stare at him and slowly grin"Are you serious?" He nods and says" Your manager said yes soo..." I hug him tightly and say" Then where's your luggage?" He says"In the tour bus." I yell for the girls" GIRLS! GET YO DIRTY ASSES HERE." I hear them scrambling and doors slamming. I laugh. Louis frown and says" Then baby, we won't have room or privacy to make out!" I laugh again and say" Louis, our management is a lot...more considerate than Modest! okay? If there's a couple in the bus, they will add a sound proof lounge just for them. Lauren and Alex(LAUREXXXXX) used it last time." Louis smiles and holds my hands tightly, saying" Its your first wold tour gorgeous, congratulations!" I smile then frown at the pet name he just called me."HEY! Don't go spouting lies out of your perfect pink lips,Marshmellow." He hugs me and carries me to the couch, saying" I have to show you the prettiest girl I’ve ever seen." Then, he shows pictures of me. I giggle at his cuteness and lay on his lap, asking him"Why me,Louis,why me, out of all the girls, why me?" Louis paused and said"(get ready for some song puns people) Coz You light up my world like nobody else, you are the only thing I want,If I wanted you to Tell me a Lie, it would be that you aren't meant for me. But You are perfect for me, We are Happily together, and thats what matters. You're insecure, I  don't know what for.I wish you can see what the whole world sees." I chuckle at his cheesiness and he smiles at me.

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