Summer Love

Louis Tomlinson fan fiction :D


32. Chapter 31

Brooklyn's pov(btw they have now been dating for 1 year)
I click into Daphene's account and click into her recent. She posted a picture of herself, with the caption, "preggos💦", with 312 likes..WAIT...PREGNANT? There's a date beneath the caption, reading: 14||7||2016the month in this chapter is 24th September 2016) I gasp and calculate the all seems right. This baby was Tomlinson's. Speaking of the devil, Louis walked in and kissed my temple. I almost flinch at his touch. I sent out a tweet, reading" We met with a simple hello but ended with a complicated goodbye."

Louis's POV 
I check Twitter as Brooklyn stands up and leaves the room to I assume call take out. My mentions have been overflowing, and when I scroll through, I understand. One, Daphene is pregnant. Two, Brooklyn made it seem like we were breaking up. No, I can't lose her just after I got her back. As I try to find where the fuck she would be in this humongous mansion, I run straight into her. She smiles softly at my concern and says"Its okay, I'm not leaving you." I hug her tightly as if I'm going to lose her and say" Baby, I swear I didn't even have sex with her." Brooklyn says" Its alright Louis, I believe you. But I also believe in breathing." Just as I start to laugh, There's a text for Brooklyn. Brooklyn reads it and shows me the text from Lauren.
Daphene is my cousin. I heard her bragging about stealing away Louis. Don't believe itIt's a fake baby bump, like the ones you can buy in Hollywood.xx,best of luck 
I hug her and say"See, I told you!" She grins savagely," I have a plan that will outsmart her." 
" Hi, Daphene!" I say to the stupid skank in front of me. She smiles and says" Hey,Baby!" I smile falsely and say" let's go out for a walk shall we?" She nods happily and we go out. As I see some paparazzi, I ask her loudly," Can I feel the baby?" Without giving time for her to react, I lift her shirt and the bump falls out. The paparazzi is silent for a while,until their cameras are flashing at the crying Daphene and me, walking away. Talk about bump drop. Get it? Mike drop..Bump Drop? Yeah...HARRY IS TO BLAME. 
Brooklyn's PoV 
I hear Louis opening the door and I smile, turning the MacBook off. He sees me and tackles me. Once he gets a look at me, he whines,"Did you really have to wear this? You have no idea the effect you have on me!Baby!" I point at his hoodie and my long black high heels," What this? I was just feeling too hot babe, I'm wearing nothing underneath" Louis groans and says" You have got to be kidding me." I take a popsicle out of the fridge and lick it slowly. Louis's eye dilates and becomes hooded. He pins me to a wall and says" You're going to pay for this." 
SMUT ALERTTTTRTRTTTTT  I giggle and bite his lip, saying" Why? I'm sorry baby" He kisses me hard on the lips and I grind against him. He moans and  pulls away,pointing at the bedroom. I giggle and walk slowly into the bedroom, taking my time. He flings me over his shoulder and runs up the stairs. He pins me to the bed and says" Where were we?" I smirk slowly and kick off my boots. He takes off his shirt and takes off my hoodie. I take off his pants and his Calvin Kleins and kneel down before him.  He groans at the sight of me staring at him through innocent eyes. I grab his length and he gasps. I put it in my mouth slowly and begin to deep throat him.He rolls a condom on him and the rest is a blur.
*next morning"
Louis wakes up and smiles at me, yawning. He says" Wanna do something fun today?" I smile a little and says" sure,if I can walk!" He blushes and I smirk. I yawn and he carreses my hair,"You look so cute when you yawn." I roll my eyes and snuggle back into the covers. Louis laughs a little and says" If you don't get up I'm going to  pour boiling water over you." I sit up and say pleasantly" And I'm up, good morning babe!" He laughs and yells" Take a shower and get dressed!We're going to Disneyland!"I get out of the bed and go take shower. Louis hears me turning on the shower and runs up, shouting" I'M COMING TOO!" I shake my head at the horny boy that I call my boyfriend. Once he comes in, I go out, smiling innocently, saying" You wanted to shower with me? I'm sorry babe. Tommorrow yeah?" He mock glares me and pouts. I ruffle his hair say" Awww later okay?" He nods childishly and I have to bite the inside of my cheeks to stop me from laughing.I wear a yellow nylon sweater and an overall. Louis appears behind me and adds a beanie on top of my head. He smiles and kisses me and leaves me to do my make up.

I text the other guys, telling them to go to Disney. Me and Brooklyn sit in the SUV. Brooklyn asks me" Do you remember when you pushed me into the haunted house?" I frown at the memory of her being in coma and wrap my arms around her waist, saying"Yeah, I'm gonna protect you now.." She lays down on my lap and says" Yeah I know." I smile at her and my heart is beating as I realize something. I'm in love with Brooklyn. The words wants to leave my mouth but what if she doesn't love me yet? Oh fuck it, there was never an awkward moment between us anyway. I  smile at her and say" I love you baby." She blushes and smiles back at me saying" I love you more munchkin" I smile at the memory of her calling me munchkin. Then I frown. "Hey! That's mean! I'm tall now!" I protest. She shakes her head and laughs,"Whatever floats your boat." I mock glare at her and she sticks her tongue at me. I tell her cheekily,"If you don't put that back in your mouth I'm going to bite that right off." That shut her up.
Brooklyn's PoV(sorry for people who have OCD)
When we arrived at Disneyland, The first person I saw was Niall, eating nachos. Of course, his girlfriend, Selina was beside him too. We step out of the car and Louis pulls the scarf off Selina. When I saw the hickey on her neck, I knew me and Louis weren't the only ones being naughty last night. Selina blushes and so does Niall. I tut them both" Niall the bad boy." Louis hugs me and says" Niall the church boy more like." We laugh at the memory of their interview. 
Louis intwines his hand with mine and takes his phone out. I nudge him," Baby, your phone is going to fall." He shakes his head and says"No it won't." Once I turn on my phone in the restaurant, I understand at he4 was doing. He took a photo of our hands and tweeted it. ((Pic above)) I shook my head at him and said" Don't cheesy couples do that?" Louis smiles at me and said" Yeah thats why I posted it." I laughed and shook my head in disbelief at the boy who was mine. All mine.


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