Summer Love

Louis Tomlinson fan fiction :D


31. Chapter 30


 Brooklyn's POV 
Me and Louis arrive in Starbucks. The waiter winks at me and when he takes our order, he keeps licking his lips, resulting in a very moody Louis. Louis frowns and keeps his answer short and curt. I have to bite my lip from laughing. I find him very cute in this manner of jealousy. He keeps playing with my braids while death glaring the waiter. When we get up from our chair, the waiter rushes to us and gives me a tissue, with his number on it. This results a black eye on the waiters face. The waiter glances between me and Louis and says" You don't deserve her." This is where I take action. I hug Louis from behind and say" And I don't deserve him, so I guess that makes us the it couple, Ta ta!" Louis drags me out of Starbucks while heavily stomping away.I giggle a little and he turns to look at me. I say" Well you were cute out there. Just saying."He gives me an amused smirk and calls an uber.


These glasses again❤👅
The truth is going to come out and Louis will be mine, forever.

@itz.daphene yep he will be yours forever and ever

❤❤❤ beautiful 

@briannaishere ✋

@itz.daphene tf you talkin about? Brouin is real!


@itzdaphene @louis_Tomlinson, yes? What do you need/want?❤👅

@brooklynztommo check @itzdaphene feed :)

What are they up to...?😏 there's a hidden message if you don't want to wait
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