Summer Love

Louis Tomlinson fan fiction :D


2. Chapter 2-Hoes and Cheaters

Hope you like this chapter!

I run out of class as the school bell rang, indicating that the meet and greet of 1D is going to start in………SHIT. 30 minutes. I run out of the school campus, shouting: Goodbye, Suckas!” That made me feel alive. I almost run into a car, by a car I meant a bicycle. And by a bicycle I meant a pigeon. And by a pigeon I meant I ran into my boyfriend’s best friend, Kevin. One direction thing. Annnnnyway, he stops me and says” Woahhhh, where are you going? Jay isn’t finished yet!” I sing back” My mother told me I should go and get some therapy!” He looks confused. Poor boy. He says” Um….okay..? I’ll um…..” then he runs off. I yell after him” IM GOING CRAZY, CAN’T CONTAIN IT, SO TELL ME JUST WHAT I SHOULD DO!” Jay walks past and laughs at my action. He wraps his arm around my waist and says” You have gotta stop scaring away my best friends.” I pouted and said “ Hey! It was only……thirteen----You know what, I’ll stop.” He was about to answer but then a girl with a huge ass strutted past and stroken his chest” Jaaaayyyyy, ready for another night?” Ummmm what???? She evens throws in a wink. Jay looks at me and then looks at that….woman, and stuttered” um….Whaaaat?” As her words sunk in, I started to get it and just coolly said back” Save it. A relationship is built for two. Obviously, you don’t know how to count.” I started to walk away and I heard him calling after me claiming that it was nothing. I shouted back” Eenie meanie miny moe, caught you cheating with a hoe. You lied right to my face, think again you’ve been replaced.” I check my watch and holy, only 20 minutes left. I jump into the jeep and drive away into the sunset. Nah, Im joking. The jeep would not survive.


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