Summer Love

Louis Tomlinson fan fiction :D


30. Chapter 29

At Starbucks with this Netflix addict🍵❤❤❤❤

Louis i feel sorry for you

❤ Babe

yassss cuteness overload omg

ugliest of them all🙄

stfu :) or else you'll be the ugliest :)

@brooklyn4life someone taught you well😏😂😂
AN: soooo uhhh I like these kind of chapters since they can make up for filler chapters :) here's a photo of Lauren from Prodigy (she will be very very very important in this storyline)


And do you like who I casted as Brooklyn? I think she is so gorgeous and pretty
Sage Tullis
Annnnnd I'm sorry for these twitter/Instagram chapters of you don't like them :( the next chapter won't be Twitter or Instagram, k, mockingjay is outtt

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