Summer Love

Louis Tomlinson fan fiction :D


29. Chapter 28

Louis's POV
I stare at Brooklyn." You mean, Zayn malik? As in the one who dissed One Direction? The one who said he never wanted to be in 1D anymore?  " I yell. Brooklyn mumbles" He doesn't really hate you." I stare at Brooklyn until her ringtone breaks the awkward silence. She picks up the phone and says in the phone" Hey brother. Yes I told him. Yes. He's mad. Yes. I'm sorry. Okay." With that, she turns on the speaker and says" Zayn has something he wants to say. You may find closure in this." In the phone, Zayn speaks" Louis, I want you to know that my company made me say those things and I truly didn't mean it.  Being in one direction was the best decision of my life. It's just that,I'm growing up and I want my own style. Okay?" Hearing these words were once only just my dream. I say into the phone" Okay...I believe you Zayn." Zayn sighs in relief and Brooklyn cuts the line. I hug her and say" I'm sorry for yelling babe." She shrugs and says" Its okay. Lets go home." I have a feeling she is still mad at me.

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