Summer Love

Louis Tomlinson fan fiction :D


28. Chapter 27


On the way to the 1D house :)))

This girl fell asleep...shhhh
***in the one direction house**
Louis pov
I shook Brooklyn awake and she groggily woke up and said" Where are we?" I shrugged and said" on the way to the one direction house." Brooklyn checks her phone and yawns.Her eyes suddenly widen and said" LOUIS WILLIAM TOMLINSON WHAT THE HELL DID YOU POST?" I smiled sheepishly and said"oops...?" Her face is full of emotion, amusement,annoyed,anger. She keeps hitting me over and over and keeps saying" I hate you louis!" I grab one of her hands and put it on my cheek and finally touch the lips I have been missing for the past 8 months,5 hours and 34 minutes. After we pull away, she mumbles, " I still hate you." I chuckle and say" I'm sowwwyyy!" She laughs and curls up against me. How did I manage to get this perfect little angel back? I'm not sure.
Brooklyn's pov
I finally can kiss the lips I have been missing for 8 months,5 hours and 34 minutes.  I curl up against Louis and I can feel him brushing my hair. The limo comes to a stop and we get out. A smile lands on his perfect pink lips as he sees the all too familiar penthouse. He opens the door and screams"LIAM, HARRY, NIALL GET DOWN HERE!" When Niall sees me, his eyes light up and runs to hug me. I hug him back tightly and mumble " I missed you" into his hair. He's like my twin brother. He stares at my hair and says" I liked your old hair." When Harry sees me, he freezes and takes a few steps back and gapes at me ." BROOKLYN?" He yells. I nod and he hugs me so tightly I think I lost my circulation and I think I need to learn how to breath all over again. Liam says" Brookssss! Long time no see! Let's go get lunch or else nialler will just go crazy, I'll tell ya that." I nod and smile.

Had lunch with this beauty❤

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Shes crazy

This slut has to stop.

Shes the one I hate the most

Haters🙄 fuck the haters you're beautiful Brooks

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Brooklyn's POV
After that eventful lunch, Louis took me to shop. He wants us to be one of those cliche couples that match. We walk into random shops and of course, just like a boy would do,he got excited when we got to the bikini part of this shipping spree. But that didn't surprise me. What surprised me was when we walked past the jewellery shop, he insisted on walking in. I was confused until he brought two rings and looked me in the eye and told me it was a promise ring. 
Louis's POV 
I put the ring on Brooklyn's finger and smile at her. She smiles back at me and hugs me and says softly," I love you Louis William Tomlinson" My stomach flipped and I smiles back at her and said" I love you more Brooklyn Maria Johnson." Brooklyn avoids eye contact with me and says"Uh...About that." I frown and say" What's the problem?" She whispers" I'm not Brooklyn Maria Johnson." I frown in confusion and say" then what is your name?" She looks up at me and says" Brooklyn Fae Malik, t-twin sister of Zayn Malik."

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