Summer Love

Louis Tomlinson fan fiction :D


25. CHAPTER 24

I COME BEARING....10 NEW CHAPTERRSSSSSS please comment down some ideas, and if you want to be Liam's girlfriend, the spot is open :) ENJOY

Louis' POV ((hahahahaha **chokes**))
I receive a call from...Brooklyn?! I press accept call and say" Brooklyn? I'm so sorry. Please get back with me...I was---am stupid and I'm really sorry I swear over my life----" I get cut off by her laughter. She says" Have I affected you with my ADHD? Calm down Louis, it's fine... I think." I laugh softly and say" Well I'm sorry for caring." Brooklyn turns back into serious mode and says" Why did you do it though?" I sigh and say" Long story...Meet me at starbucks?" The line goes dead for a second and I hear a man's voice saying" Technical difficulties. The number you have called is currently doing her make up---" then I hear Brooklyn's voice. " JUSTIN, YOU BLOODY IDIOT! I TOL--OMG---" then I hear Justin's voice again" WOMAN STOP HITTING ME! JEEZ! I'M SORRY" I hang up and laugh like the crazy mad man I am. I finally stop when I choke. I call a uber and give directions to Starbucks. I see a girl with pink highlights  and Justin Bieber sitting on a table. When I walk in, that girl stands up and shoutes"LOUEH! When I get class closer,I see her.
He---okay I should stop. I see Brooklyn.
With tattoos and the  most gorgeous I've  ever seen her. She hugs me and I scream in the inside. Now I know how the fans feel. I could write a essay on how I feel right now. Ohhhh so that's why there's fan fiction...
Brooklyn's voice breaks my inner thoughts. " Yep....ADHD." I smile at her and say" what did you say?" She shakes her head and laughs.
Justin says" I'm surprised you didn't scold Louis for ordering the unicorn frappacino, since he's technically drinking your kind..." Brooklyn looks at me and gasps, "HOW COULD YOU? HOW COULD YOU DO THIS? I FEEL OFFENDED. GET OUT OF MY STARBUCKS!((Gordon Ramsay anyone?No? Okay))" I reply sassily" You ain't the boss of me. I drink what I drink." Justin warns me" don't want to do that.... She has been taking wrestling lessons from Nikki Bella..." I gape at Brooklyn who just smiles at me sweetly and says" what did you say again?" I shake my head and mumble"Nothing..."  Brooklyn smiles and says" thought so." Justin suddenly pipes up" Brooklyn,I'm officially kicking you out of my house." Brooklyn shrugs and says" Then I'm going to disown you as my brother." Justin glares at her. I pipe up" Is this how it feels to be third wheeling...?" The next few chapters will be twitter/Instagram stories as I'm too lazy sryyyyy




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