Summer Love

Louis Tomlinson fan fiction :D


23. Chapter 22

Louis surprised me. I did not mind the fact that he was with a girl. What mattered was that the girl was pressed against a wall and he was kissing her. Why am I  always cheated on? I sneak past them and walk back to the suite, not crying at all. I feel like I'm crying but no tears are coming out. I knew it was too good to be true.I pack up all the things and leave a note for Louis and the boys. I call Simon, asking if he can hold off the band idea for a while. He argued for a while but then we compromised on making two singles then taking a 3 month break. I write the other song in a matter of time in Zayn's other condo which he let me stay in. 
It don't matter you are hanging with a girl 
It don't matter if you are banging with a girl
You could have at least broke up
You could have at least texted"Sup" "I'm working late"
And got ready for your date.
But you had forgot to put a danger hazard in this relationship
Side effects may include heartbreak
Coz he's working late 
But when did he start working in a club?
Kissing ladies, maybe men too
Left and right 
He got girls left and right
Never free at night
Was I just another piece in your game
You're really the king of being lame
Was I just another heart to play
Was I just another name on your checklist
Tell me tell me
Was I just another one?
Was I just another one?
Tell me tell me
Look me in the eyes 
And say you really love me
When you don't 

Tired of being broken
Tired of lookin'
Tired of life
Tired of being played
When I payed
For your love
You didn't include the danger hazard
The alarm in my head was correct
should believe you one more time
Really lets my smart shine
Downing wine
I send this to the other girls.

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