Summer Love

Louis Tomlinson fan fiction :D


22. Chapter 21

"I'll come over, should be around 30 minutes or so." I said. Zayn chokes"O-o-okay." I run back in and tell Simon I have to leave due to a family matter and surprisingly he understands and allows me to leave. I drive off back to the hotel we are staying at. Louis grabs my arm as I run around, getting my whole suitcase in the end."Woah Woah Woah, where are rushing off to?" I reply quickly"A friends. I'm probably going to stay for a few days or maybe weeks." Louis frowns and says "Which friend and why?" I say" Uhh Z..Z...Z..Zoella. Her boyfriend broke up with her." Louis raises his eyebrows and questions" Zoella? Zoella Sugg?" I say" Uh no.Look I have to go, really." Louis skeptically says"Ookay but I'm driving you. No matter what you say." I sigh and say" Fine."
"Here. You can stop here." I have told him to stop at Zayn's backdoor. Louis asks"Why aren't we stopping at the driveway?" I stutter"U-Uh she is crying and she doesn't want anyone to see her." Louis nods and purses his lips as if to say fair enough.I get out of the car but not before pressing a light kiss to his lips."Stay safe okay?" He nods and doesn't say anything. "I'll text and call okay?" He just nods again and drives away. Oh no. But my brother needs me. I let myself in with the fingerprint and code and the human recognition. His house has max security. When I walk in, Zayn says from the couch"I've been expecting you." Which scared the shit out of me. I turn to him and sigh at the sight. His eyes were rimmed red and his hair messy. He smiles sadly and weakly at me" What did Louis say?" I shook my head and said"I don't want to talk about it."  
**One month later**
"Bye Gigi, bye Zayn! I'll FaceTime you two later!" They both wave  and I get into the uber. I go back to the hotel, ready to surprise Louis.

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