Summer Love

Louis Tomlinson fan fiction :D


21. Chapter 20

Anne,Katie,Lauren and me sit in a circle in Simon's lobby.We have already bonded as we all were a bit crazy and weird.Anne was the cute one,Katie is the sweet one,Lauren is the artsy and funny one while I'm the badass and mysterious one. Apparently. We are trying to write a song. Keyword:Trying. We were about to give up when Katie suddenly says"I know! We could wrote about louin!"Lauren said"Awesomeeeeee!"in a weird accent which made all of us laugh. I said" There isn't much to write about though, we haven't broken up or waaait ohmygod! I had a nightmare about him leaving me we could write about that!"Lauren squeezed my cheeks" Awwww aren't you the cutest thing evah!"Anne pipes up"We should do a rap too!Who can rap?" I raise my hand up shyly.
"Girls, who is the rapper?" Simon asks. All the girls point at me while I raise my hand slowly. Simon says"Can I hear it?" I nod slowly and the girls cheer.
It's that nightmare
That gives me the regrets
No more nets
To catch me when I fall
Got my friends on fast call
In case pieces needed to be picked 
To be swept 
To feel left
Like I'm just a choice in your game
Another name
Another heart just the same
I'm falling headfirst
I hope you'll catch me when I fall
Simon nods and the girls look at me in pure awe.I blush and look away. My phone rings, the screen lighting up, reading"Zayn💖🔥" Simon gestures me to go out an take it.Once I pick up the phone, I hear violent sobbing over the phone. I ask"Zayn?" Zayn sobs"Gigi...Broke up with me." 

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