Summer Love

Louis Tomlinson fan fiction :D


20. chapter 19

"BROOKLYN MALIK!Why are you hanging out with Louis?"Zayn screams over the phone. I say pleasantly"Hello to you too older brother by 3 seconds." Zayn sighs and says"Brooklyn....Answer me."I reply"I'm doing fine, you?" Zayn sighs and gives in"I'm doing just fine except for the heart attacks of Louin."I sigh and rub my face"Well...uhhhh whaddya want to know?"He says"Everything. We haven't talked in ages."I chuckle"'We  haven't talked for like...2 weeks."Zayn chuckles a bit as well and says"Just tell me" I tell him how I met Louis, How I am in a band called Nightshade, etc. Zayn didn't interrupt until I finished. He said"Good for you lil sis!But if Louis ever hurts you, he's dead. Brothers or not." I frown"I thought you hated 1D...?"He laughs sadly and says"My new agent needed me to say it, just to seem like I was over it, believe me, I'm not. The boys don't know this, they actually think I hate them don't they?"I keep silent as March 25th just went by and all the boys did was cry and mope around. Which was really disturbing. Them crying over my brother. I just say"Simon knows you're my brother, but the other boys don't...for my own good. I go by as Brooklyn Maria Johnson."Zayn sighs and says"I have a date with Gigi in 1 hour...uhhh call me back later alright?" I smile and say"MAH OTP ZIGI!"*beep* Zayn hung up. Wow really bro, really? Not nice. Louis walks in and I throw my phone onto the bed."'Heeeey Louis...just getting ready for the song writing session with my bandmates..." 

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