Summer Love

Louis Tomlinson fan fiction :D


14. Chapter 14-Medevial Times

I'll Update more since its the holidays :D

"Why?"I asked him. Louis said"They are coming to check who it was. Liam looks angry. SO RUN!"I widened my eyes and said dramatically"No, I can't leave  without you!"Louis urged me with his eyes and replied dramatically"I'll be fine. Remember to tell mother and father I love them. I like you very very very very much. Go now, princess  be free."  I stiffled a laugh at his act. "Okay, stay safe, I like you too(A.N. It's too soon for them to say the l word)" He nods and smiles and gives me a "parting kiss". I see the door cracking open. I run and run until I see the sun.(Sry couldn't resist) I hear Louis scream" OI I WAS JUST PASSING BY!" I take my cue to run and smother...Liam. Harry is standing behind him laughing while Niall laughed so hard he was crying. Liam got surprised and fell down. Louis smiled at me and grabbed my hand and ran to my room.
*Inside the room*
Louis hugs me and says"Princess you came back!" I nod and say" Of course, I couldnt let my prince suffer!" By now, Harry and Niall are standing outside of my room, in the doorway. I heard Niall say"Man, we should have brought popcorn..." Harry replied"With extra butter and caramel." Louis smiles at me and says" Oh darling i missed you so much!" I bite the inside of my cheeks to prevent laughing. "Me too. I thought you were dead!" Louis couldnt help it and burst out laughing. Harry said" that's was better than the show at icarly!" Niall grimaced and said" HARRY! No more buttersocks." All 4 of us burst into uncontrollable laughter. When we finally sober up,I asked the 3/4 of the boys" Have you packed yet?" They nod and say" Liam hasn't packed yet." I usher Harry and Niall out of my room to send Liam packing. When I turn around, I am met with a sight I'll never forget.



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