Summer Love

Louis Tomlinson fan fiction :D


13. Chapter 13-Pranking the Boys


Paul goes through the schedule once more and wishes me good luck as I have to stay with the boys. I chuckle and say” I don’t need good luck. I need coffee and sleep” Paul laughs and reminds me to set my alarm for 4:30 AM, as we have to ride the private plane back to London for tour tomorrow morning. I nod and wish him good night. Louis walks in and asks” What did Paul say?” I glance at him weirdly and say” To set my alarm… Why are you so nervous?” Louis smiles and says” Oh okay.” Yet he avoids my question. What is going on?

**next Morning**

I roll out of bed (literally) and louis comes barging in. I stretch my arms towards him as I have rolled onto the floor as I have rolled on to the floor accidently. He laughs and picks me up, while saying” Why are you up so early?” I confusedly ask” Waaait, Paul told me to wake up at 4:30!” Louis frowns and says” Tour is tomorrow.” I ask him back” Why are YOU up so early?” He looks at me and blushes” Coz I heard you tumble and thought you got hurt.” I AM LITERALLY AWWING INSIDE AND MY HEART IS MELITING. MY MOUTH CANNOT FUNCTION< KILL ME NOW.BACK IN THE TIMES WHEN I FELL OF A TREE JAY DIDN’T EVEN HEAR EVEN THOUGH HE WAS SITTING NEAR THE TREE.  Louis took my pause as a sign of thinking that he was weird and said” I know I’m weird, its not to late to back out of this relationship, brooks.” I cupped his face and said” Why would you think that? I was just thinking how cute you are!” Louis blushes ad mumbles” Whatever. So anyway, go back to sleep---“ Then he was interrupted by a knocking on the door. Louis yelled out” No one should knock at 4 in the morning! There could be people sleeping inside!” I hear Paul say” Its me.” Louis gets up and says “ Well hello dear Paul, We didn’t expect company, come on in, don’t be shy.” I stifled a laugh at his “patience”. Paul sighs and says” Brooklyn, Thank god you are up. I need you to check all the clothing and the usher the boys to pack. They don’t listen to me, they only listen to you. “ I smile and say” No problem.” Paul smiles in relief and thanks me before walking out. Louis frowns and says” You have to work? This early?” I just smiled at him and walked out of the hotel room, going to the boys room. I hear Louis following me, asking questions like” Why aren’t you answering me? “What did I do?” and “Why are we here?”. I turned around and shushed him. He looked at me confusedly and started to talk “What----“ I cut him off with a kiss. He started to deepen it until I pulled away. He stared at me hurtfully. I shushed him with my eyes. I motioned him to  come with me. The whole corridor was quiet. I heard the boys shuffling inside of the room. It was quiet and by the loos of it, they have not yet turned on the light. I waited for a while then suddenly shouted” PACK UP SUCKAS” Me and Louis saw all 3 of them jump up as if stung by a bee. Louis giggled softly and peeked into the peephole again. His eyes widened and said” Run princess!”

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