Summer Love

Louis Tomlinson fan fiction :D


12. Chapter 12- More Louin moments

HEYYYYYYY! I swear I’m not drunk, just really excited. I have decided who are the characters!!!!

Jay…Who the f cares about him.

One direction: as themselves 😃


Nadia: Liza Koshy   😊

Read on :3



My phone dings with a new message. “Munchkin texted you” I giggle and open his message.

Munchkin: Princessssssss you there?

Me: Yes munchkin?

Munchkin: oi! You’re shorter!

Me: In knowledge, no.


Me: Aww I’m sorry M…

Munchkin: OI! **squints eyes** don’t you dare…

Me: Oh, I dare. MUNCHKIN BOI!

Munchkin: Please make a new name for me **pouts** pleaseeeeee **puppy dog eyes**

Me: Even over text, the puppy eyes work **groans**

Munchkin: YES!!!!**rubs hands evilly and smirks** Tell me peasant.

Me: **cries over the term peasant**

Louis doesn’t reply. Instead, he skypes me. I accept his request and wait for his face to pop up.

Louis says right away” Princess! You know I didn’t mean that!” I just chuckle and say” I know. By the way, I have thought of a new name for you.” I see Louis’s eyes obviously brighten.I laugh and say” Peter Pan, since you look like him and well..You are magical to me.” Louis doesn’t reply and just ends the skype call. I wonder if it was too much… I sigh and flop back on the hotel bed. I hear a knock on my door and I yell” Come in!” II hear Louis’s voice on the other side “ You shouldn’t do that, what if I was a murderer, you need to be careful Wendy!” I ask “Who is Wendy?” Louis is now sitting on the bed too, looking at me. He answers with a sweet smile, “If I am Peter Pan, You are Wendy.” I blush and hide my face in the pillow.

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