Summer Love

Louis Tomlinson fan fiction :D


10. Chapter 10- Date



I was pacing around in my room at around 5, thinking about what I should wear. I finally decide on a simple ripped washed skinny jeans and a white crop top. I did all the make up and stuff, yadda yadda yadda….. I sighed and sat on my bed, checking my twitter as I still had half an hour to go. I opened twitter and suddenly, my mentions started rolling in, my followers amount got higher and higher, until I reached 16.9K followers. When I went to trending, the first three were : #tommonewgf, #newgirlforlouis, #Louisgotanewgirl. I clicked into the hashtags and there was only one photo, which was the moment where louis was hanging upside down from a tree branch and I was hugging him. I just smiled and clicked onto my shops website. I ran a clothing store that did pretty well. Of course, I did it online. “So aesthetic shop” was its name. It said” One new purchase.” Happy for a new customer, I clicked in and saw “purchase from Louis Tomlinson” I clicked to see what he had bought and he had bought a black jacket as well as jeans. I smiled to myself and chuckled, he had no idea it was me as the store owner did he?

It was finally time for the date. I was beyond scared. Louis texted me: Come down love 😊

I switched off my phone and walked down slowly. Louis was at the staircase waiting fror me, wearing, surprise surprise, the black jacket and the jeans with converse. He smiled and said” I hope you know CPR, coz you take my breath away, love.” I looked at him straight in the eye and said” No, I don’t, I know karate though, I could rip your lungs out!” We both looked at each other and burst out laughing. Louis took my hand and we started off to wherever he was taking me to.

We were in front of a small café. Louis said” I have been here before and it is pretty cozy and nice, I hope you don’t  mind me bringing you to a café instead of a fancy restaurant.” I just chuckle and say “ I don’t like fancy restaurants, silly.” He just blushed and pulled me inside.

We make conversation as we eat. He said “I’m certainty going to dream of you tonight.” I just stare at him “worriedly” and say “Don’t, you’ll get nightmares.” He chuckles and he starts to lean forward without even noticing. I lean forward too. His eyes flicker to my lips and he asks” Can I kiss you?” My stomach flutters and a give the most unnoticeable nod in the history of unnoticeable nods. He cups my cheeks and I swear, fireworks lit up when our lips touched. As we broke apart, he said” More talking less kissing. We should get to know more about each other.” I rolled my eyes and said” Beautiful eyes, an incredible body, a big brain, a sexy mouth, a nice smile… but enough about me, tell me about you.” He grinned and said “ Cocky aren’t we?” We laugh and the night goes by happily.


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