Inside the world leaders worlds

Trump looks down the hall. he sees an beautiful young, but old person.
This lovestory is all about that love.


3. Put'in'party

They all had a threesome, and had alot of fun.. Trump where as happy as ever!.'

they all watched cat videos on the internet while doing what they do.

Trump were really happy.. he liked Putin the most.. he was the most best and beautiful of the two..


kim in the other hand, had too much temper. He yelled too much about work camp or something.

Trump offered Kim a ride home in his small helicopter, but Kim was crying.. noone liked him..

Then Kim came up with an idea.. ''IM GONNA START A WAR AGAINS USA!''.said Kim. Trump laughed at Kim..

ur cuntri is smal', lol!. said trump.

''Like ur deek,'' said Kim


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