the elemental


1. the first elemental.

~~“Everyone this is the new student Jessie he will be in most of our classes.” “Your seat is just there.” “Thank you Mrs Kinsley.” “Hey new kid want to be friends” the boy in the back of the room said. “Um my mum said that I can’t make friends in the first week.” “Hey why do you go with what your mum says?” “Because I will get to close and tell people about something.” “What?” ‘Nothing.” “You can trust me.” “Really?” “Yeah.” “Ok I will tell you later.” “No tell me now.” “Okay, I’m an elemental.” “No way liar that isn’t true.” “Hey everyone he says he is an elemental.” “He’s dopy.” “I’m not dopy don’t tell my mum that I told you.” “Why will you move?” “Yes I will don’t you dare I don’t want to move again I’ve told too many people about my power.” “If you have a power show us then.” “Ok I will!” “What is happening?” “I told you I’m an elemental but you didn’t believe me so ha.” “I’m sorry but I have to go.”
So I ran out of the classroom and I travelled the whole world to find a place to live. I ran through Paris and I saw the Eifel tower and ran to the Great Wall of China then I saw a boat that was travelling the world so I went and hopped on the boat and hid. I saw this beautiful island in the middle of nowhere so I jumped off the boat. The island was liveable and it looked like it was untouched by humans the sent was beautiful and the birds were chirping in the forest and the wind was blowing as I could taste sea water in my mouth. So I swam to the island.  When I got to the island I dragged my feet along the sand and I was drenched and so I lit on fire and dried fast. I ran to a little hill wear trees were towering over my head to keep me cool. When I got to the top to see where I was, I saw a gigantic volcano, lake, forest and a mountain. “I could live here”. “I could use my powers without getting in trouble and I could use the elements to build my home in the middle of the island”. I kept saying to myself as I ran to the middle of the island. As I started building my house I felt like I was meant to be hear like I was born hear or created. When I finished the house it was like a castle made out of wood and the inside was like all the elements combined together there were big windows and a big view from upstairs it was like I was able to control the whole world. I walked slowly to the lake and tried to use my water powers and I tried to control it all day. So I went inside my house and went to bed.
In the morning I walked to the volcano then to the mountain and the forest to control my powers. At the end of the day I went and sat at the lake and I saw a light shining down under the water so I swam down and I found an underwater city filled with mermaids and mermen it was like heaven but under water. So I swam up to one and said “hi my name is Jessie.” As I said that a mermaid turned around and turned into a demon its eyes turned red and its tail was torn to bits as it swam to kill me.
I swam like a fish to the surface, I caught a glimpse of another light above the water. As my head broke the surface, an angel was falling from the dark grey sky and landed in the middle of the island were my house was so I ran like the flash. When I got to the angel he woke up and started crying so I used the elements to fix my house and brought him inside and asked him what was wrong and he told me the a demon destroyed his home. So I asked for his name and he said it was jake.
“I will help you destroy the demon”. “Ok”. “But I am the demon”. As he said that he started transforming into a demon his wings turned black and his head started turning darker and he turned into a full demon as I said. I... I. You what. I’m sorry but I have to do this. Do what. Kill you. “Why do you have to kill me”? “You’re the demon and I promised you that I will kill the demon”. “Arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr”!
As I ran towards him I made an ice sword and I started to fight him. As I took the first slash water fire earth and air were already tearing him to pieces and I teleported to his home and saw what he did and I found another demon standing near the kingdom and I ran up to the demon as he turned around then I saw him turn into an angel and fall to the ground as a wall shot up out of the ground and pushed me back and I slashed the wall and ran towards the angel as he was disappearing in to thin air. And I kept running as monsters were running towards me and I griped my sword even harder and kept swinging my sword as I was destroying the monsters than I ran towards the angel and picked him up as I picked him up he went into me and I felt wings growing on my back and I heard a voice say you are the new angel Jessie.  

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