Inside My Head

What if you could hear what people are thinking? Would you listen to the words or work to ignore it?


3. two

I freeze, wondering if this has anything to do with me knowing that he has written me off and what I told him so many years ago. So now I do the opposite of what I usually try to do, I listen to my dad’s thoughts.

            “Well they are reacting better than I though, now to tell them the job is in New York for a year… Misty is moving there with me so at least she will be there too.”

            Misty is my fathers “physical therapy coach, and personal misuses” she really is my fathers mistress, after listening to what he is thinking for 17 years its not surprise to figure out that he had been cheating on my mother for years. It also wasn’t a surprise when listing to my mother’s thoughts that she has known about it almost as long as it has been going on. I wish I were more surprised by the fact that he was stepping out on my mother but I really wasn’t. With both of them having such stressful jobs and no time pulse they bug each other more often than not. I breath a little easier knowing this has nothing to do with me.

My mother speaks before me… “ So are we going with you?” how does she know its not here? My mother not missing a beat continues.

“ I heard about the job weeks ago they offered me a position I tuned it down because it is across the country and it is a one year commitment.” My father looks at my mother with a bit of shock. After quickly composing himself he responds.

“Well I was hoping so but it sounds like your going to stay here with Avery.”

“You are correct we will be staying here in Seattle we will not be moving to the other side of the county for something that doesn’t need to be done by me.”

I just watch this unfold interested to see my parents fight it out in the open normally I just hear this in their heads. I have become accustom to the one sided fights they both have in their head wile only looking mildly upset with each other. I find it oddly comforting that they are finally hashing it out.

            “Well Walter I hope you and misty have a lovely time in New York.” My fathers face further is a touch stunned he really thought that my mother didn’t know about her.

            My mother stands and looks at me before turning around and walking to the door. I look at my dad and for the first time in my life I can remember I tell him the truth.

“I hope you have a nice time in New York, I will email you. Love you Walter.” I stand and follow my mother out the door.

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