Inside My Head

What if you could hear what people are thinking? Would you listen to the words or work to ignore it?


5. Four

         The rest of the weekend is uneventful I complete the homework that was pilling up on my desk and even filled out two college applications still not having any idea what I want to be when I grow up. On Monday morning I get a little nervous thinking that I will see Dakota today and he is the only one that knows my little secret and one of the few people that I have ever been around that I haven’t at least had to try to block out their thoughts. Most of the time its babies that are easy to be around they don’t have language like the rest of us so I don’t have to worry about hearing them. I am careful in picking out what I am wearing to school today as to not trigger any repressed memories in anyone. I chose a white button up with the school tie and pair it with gray pants and pull my hair into a fishtail braid that rests on my shoulder. I have a clean face and no jewelry, like normal, easy to look past Avery.

            When I climb out of my car and turn towards the school entrance I see Dakota leaning agents the wall. I can hear my heart beating faster as I walk to the door. I’m a little worried that he might have told his girlfriend and she will make sure that story gets around the entire school by lunch. I tuck my head and walk through the doors avoiding Dakota hoping that he will just ignore me and think I’m just not worth the work. I have my new headphones in and have them cranked keeping the Monday morning buzz to a dull roar. I make it to the back of the library where I usually hid during the first period study hall. The first day of the semester I talked to the teacher and the librarian, and have it worked out that I get left alone until 10 pm its great and since my social life is limited I usually have no homework. My normal habit is to turn up some classical music and read. I have started reading text books on law. I recently have been thinking about how much my reading minds and working as a lawyer might be good. I would have an advantage I could do a lot of good, and I really need to do some good.

            The first bell rings and I look up from my first book of the morning and I see Dakota sitting accost the table from me with a smirk on his face. I just stare for a minute just confused, scared, and curious all at once. I pull out my ear buds preparing for a wave of thoughts in my head.

I wince when I hear it all “what are you doing here?” I spit out a whisper.

“I’m studying” he states mater of factly wile pulling out geometry textbooks and a few notebooks.

“Why here? You normally go to the math lab.” As soon as the words come out of my mouth I regret it now he is going to think that I am a stocker.

“I wanted a change today.” He doesn’t miss a beat not even phased by the fact that I know where he is normally.

“Stacy is not going to like that you are here. She is not a huge fan of me.” I say looking at the textbook.

“She no longer has any concern for me she started dating Regan last week.” I look up with a curiosity I didn’t realize I had.

“ Hmm didn’t hear that gossip. Are you ok? I know she was just the perfect housewife ready to join all the charity groups and sign the pre nup!” the sarcasms is dripping from the last sentence. And that gets me a smile out of him. He knows the only reason Stacy was dating him is because of who he is and what a secure future he has.

“Yeah well I guess she just needed more muscle and less brain.” He grins.

I smile a bit, knowing that he has plenty of muscle and a brain. Dakota is a heir to a company that runs all the oil drilling in 3 countries. He also isn’t hurting in the muscle department he is 6’2” with the same curly sandy blond hair, he has biceps that prove that he works just as hard in the gym. I haven’t seen him with no shirt on but the way that his t-shirts hug him I can imagine that they are just as sculpted and maintained as the parts I can see.

“ You want help?” I ask knowing full well he is just fine with his math he goes to the lab to flirt with the freshmen girl that he has a odd fascination with. So I really want to know the reason that he is here.

“No I really just wanted to talk to you about Friday. There’s something that I need to talk about and I don’t want you to freak out.” My breath ketches in my through I think he is going to tell everyone about my alter ego that went out.

“Alright…” then I do it what I try so hard not to do day to day, I read his mind.

 Are you reading my mind yet?  My eyes go wide… There it is! I knew you could do it I could tell Friday when you had the headphones cranked so loud I could hear it from across the room.

“Ok, ok what?” I don’t know how to ask the question that I want the answer to.

“ I have been able to do it since I was 6, my parents don’t know you are the only other one that I found that can do it. And I’m a lot better at blocking than you are.”

My mouth is still hanging open I don’t know what to ask next.

“ Avery, I don’t know how long you have been able to do this but you should know that I cant read your mind, and you are the only person that has ever happened to me. But it seems that you can read mine.” I just nod indicating that I can very much read his mind.

“ Dakota, no one else knows this about me. Please you can’t tell anyone.” He looks a bit hurt at the suggestion that he would give my information away so easy.

“I wouldn’t ever do that. I get how terrifying this is. I wouldn’t betray you like that I know we don’t know each other all that well but I think that we need to talk more often and maybe even become friends.” I smile because I don’t have friends because of this secrete and now this secrete will be the reason I do have one.

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