Inside My Head

What if you could hear what people are thinking? Would you listen to the words or work to ignore it?


1. intro

What the hell, I don’t get this. When am I ever really going to use this in real life!

I try not to giggle, math is always one of those classes that make me laugh I’m not particularly good but I know how to do most of the equations and can get through everything. It’s the other people that just have a difficult time, and the fact that I can hear their thoughts makes it just that much more fun.

            I have been able to hear people’s thoughts since I was 8 years old, I truly thought I was losing my mind my parents wrote it off as my imagination being an only child it has always been a little wild. My mother being a phicologist descried it  as a normal childhood phase that I would grow out of, my mind was just keeping me company I didn’t have a lot of friends. Though I could hear her thinking Isn’t she a little old for this, oh great my child is going to be schizophrenic, isn’t that just perfect I finally get to where in my career I want to be and my kid losses her mind.  My father being the practicing medical doctor he is just felt that I was expressing myself and that it was normal and he loved me and needed to get to work. All I heard when I talked to him was I wonder if ill still be able to make 9 holes before my 10 am appointment, and why is she talking to me about this her mom is the shrink.

            So I quickly realized to keep my talent to myself, and it did keep my company and entertain me as an only child but most the time I just got annoyed. There fore every year for my birthday I ask my parents for noise canceling headphones. Being an only child made me odd yes, but so did my hearing what others thought, it kept me from getting to know people normally or not seeming like a know it all. It also made cheating and not studying really tempting but I refused to get by using my oddity and counting on it because what if one day it was gone and then I had to rely on things I didn’t know. So I study harder than most my class mates I almost always have noise canceling head phones on and when I don’t I focus so hard on what I’m trying to learn it doesn’t leave much time or brain function to socialize.

            I finish my math test with 10 minutes left in the hour I sit at my desk put on my head phones and start working on the home work for the next chapter of math. I try to work ahead so I know what is to come, this is something that I always do in classes and I think its because I have always known what is to come. 

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