Let go

A weight off your shoulders, liberation of chained thoughts years of thinking on a single page free of thought without a wage


1. Ruined

 Don't think just act 

Don't breathe maybe ill suffocate

i'll count myself lucky cause that's

what you do to me

is there happiness in this world 

is there even satisfaction 

when all that's known is depression

Is it bad to wish death but at the same time  

you want life

don't think just act

don't breath maybe ill suffocate

pretending something didn't happen doesn't 

erase the pain but for now its what i'll take

the scars on the inside hurt worst than the 

ones you placed outside

don't think just act

don't breath maybe ill suffocate

you are the worst and i always go back to thinking

you're the best

who does that? besides a monster

a man with short temper

all our lives has become something 

and a lie because of you

now that you know what will you do?

i love you but you're really just a slack screw

i really don't wanna be hurt so umma leave you to be you

i really hope you get help if you allow other people too

now that you've ruined me what will you do?

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