Harry Potter and The Charm Of An Old Friend


1. New Friends

Tonight was like so many before , Sleepless oh and as well as loud , my Mum and Dad won't stop arguing which can get depressing and just all out annoying after a while , you're probably thinking "who the hell is this?!" Well to that I say , Ur bloody rude but I'll tell you anyway.

My name is Austin Belby yes that's pretty normal for a wizard name but not necessarily there are people out there with names like Smith and James and they're wizards.

Well now you know my name I should probably tell you more about myself , so I'm in the same Year as Harry Potter my birthday is in February and yes I'm a Wizard .

Anyway , you don't care about that you want to know more about my life well let us carry on from where we left off.

They fight every night , it's so upsetting sometimes because I can hear them and what they're saying and sometimes it's about me and sometimes it's about my sister Alex who is in the first year , I really she doesn't hear this In the night because she would get really upset about it.

They never fight in front of us , of course they act like everything's fine when I know it's not , I just can't wait to go to Hogwarts again it's just a place to get away from the stress of home life and it's nice to see Alex have fun with new friends , real friends that she could be free around and didn't have to hide the fact that she was a wizard .

In fact , sometimes I think she doesn't even wanna go home when school ends or even in the Christmas Holidays which is okay I guess but it means she knows what happens at home so I think my parents caught on and convinced her that nothing was happening .

Its 3 a.m. now and I can't sleep now they're not arguing but I can still hear it , it fills my head with arguing this is why I'm usually an outcast in school , until Harry Potter showed up , he had seen me like nobody else had seen me before , he had seen courage in me and he'd befriended me I was part of his friend group along with Ron and Hermione and now we face danger but we face it together.

My cat was sleeping on the end of my bed where he always led , he never left my side unless somebody else was giving him food but after he ate he'd come straight back to me so I never really feel alone because I have him. Well the time has come I'm actually falling asleep so goodnight.

Alex's P.O.V

I can't sleep 3 a.m and I can't sleep the arguing has stopped but I'm still surrounded by the sounds of the the screaming and the shouting , they told me their was nothing wrong and that they were happy , I knew they were lying but they still insisted that I should come home but now they just prove that they're not happy and that they lied to me .

I should probably get some sleep because I have school tomorrow and I have to be up early because I know the train station will be packed with Muggles and it will be hard to move.

7 A.M Austins P.O.V

Well this is great a morning breakfast with my happy family .. I just try and get this done with quickly , we get ready and go to the train station in a awkward silence in the car , until Alex started asking questions about her classes and if they've changed since the last time we went to school

On the platform 9 and 3/4 saying our goodbyes and Mum And Dad wishing us well in classes and saying they will write to us (they never do) now the train was taking off me and Alex sat in an empty cart , the train was moving and Harry , Ron and Hermione walked in to our carriage

Into Group POV and Conversations

"Hey Guys !"-Austin

"Hey guys"-Alex

"Hey you two"-Harry



"How has your holidays been?"-Austin

"Good I stayed at Ron's because I'm still unwelcome at my Uncles "-Harry

"Well that's nice I guess"-Austin

"I studied for a few days and then met these two one day to hang out , it's a shame you two couldn't come though it was a good day"-Hermione

"Yeah it was a shame but my Mum and Dad are harsh on going to friends houses"-Alex

"True that"-Austin

"Well that's gutting , bloody horrible that must be I mean you must get really bored just sat at home"-Ron

"Well they were probably studying too Ron, right guys?" -Hermione

"Uhhhh yeah totally"-Austin

"Haha"-Ron and Harry

"Well I for one did study"-Alex

"At least you have common sense Alex haha"-Hermione

The train ride went on and they talked and laughed catching up with each other and trading stories that they have heard from their families

Hey guys , this isn't what I usually write but I think other people may like this change I will be trying to produce more stories but this one feels strong at the moment so I will carry this on, thanks for reading and let me know if you enjoyed this chapter and if I should carry on -Fanboy_4_5sos

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