Fire and Shadow

AU. Rusty has been adopted not by ThunderClan...but ShadowClan!


12. Chapter Twelve

It had been surprisingly easy to get Brokenstar's permission to go to the Moonstone. It had been less easy swallowing down the traveling herbs for strength and traversing WindClan territory to get to the Moonstone. But still, it hadn't been difficult. Bumping into ThunderClan cats heading to the Moonstone at the exact same time as them? That was difficult.

"What are you doing here?" Tigerclaw hissed, claws out as the two ShadowClan cats encountered the ThunderClan party of Tigerclaw, Bluestar, Graypaw and Ravenpaw at Mothermouth.

Yellowfang looked around, affecting to looked shocked. "You mean this isn't the ShadowClan camp?!" She turned to her companion. "Firefang I told you to ask for directions!"

Furious at being made fun of, Tigerclaw let out a growl and edged closer. "Enough!" Bluestar raised her tail, forcing Tigerclaw to take a step back. "This is neutral ground," she said for the benefit of both parties. "There will be no fighting here."

"Odd that you should come to the Moonstone so soon after a Gathering." Yellowfang meowed. Bluestar narrowed her eyes.

"I could say the same."

Licking her paw, the old medicine cat went on. "I wonder if you would be asking StarClan for wisdom regarding what happened at the Gathering."

Evenly, Bluestar parried. "I wonder what you wish to speak to StarClan about; what do you need their wisdom for?"

Purring, Yellowfang chuckled. She liked the ThunderClan leader. "Shall you go first, or shall we?"

"I see no reason why one of us should have to wait." Bluestar said, her whiskers twitching. "We can both use the Moonstone and see our respective warrior ancestors."

Tigerstar's eyes flashed."Bluestar!" He yowled. "You can't seriously--!"

"I think," Bluestar meowed. "That you and the apprentices are more than protection enough against any potential treachery. Graypaw, wait outside the entrance. Ravenpaw, you and Tigerclaw will come in with me and Yellowfang...and I suppose you want Firefang in with you?" She asked.

Yellowfang flicked her tail. "I suppose so...not that I couldn't take the three of you on myself."

"Of course." Bluestar replied smoothly. Tilting her head she added, "Shall we go?"

Nodding, Yellowfang pressed past them. Trying to hide his amusement, Firefang followed her while keeping a close eye on Tigerclaw. The two parties walked into the cave, flanking one another: Bluestar and Yellowfang in front, with Tigerclaw, Ravenpaw, and Firefang flanking each other behind them.

Firefang looked on in amazement as he followed the two she-cats into the cave, toward the magnificent stone. He felt Ravenpaw likewise looking on in amazement...and felt Tigerclaw looking around nervously.

He soon muttered something about staying outside to check for any ambush and quickly fled the cave. Firefang hardly noticed. He was too en rapped in what was happening before him: the ShadowClan medicine cat and the ThunderClan leader approached the Moonstone. They both gently touched the great stone with their noses and closed their eyes, sleeping at the foot of the Moonstone. From further back in the tunnel Ravenpaw and Firefang watched in awed silence.

Finally Firefang nudged Ravenpaw. "Can we talk?" He meowed in a voice that was barely a whisper.

Ravenpaw blinked, confused. "About?"

"Tigerclaw." He watched carefully for a reaction and Ravenpaw did not disappoint. He gave a guilty looking twitch of the whiskers, lowered of his ears and whisked his head from side to side to make sure no one overheard. To say the least, his innocent sounding response, "What about Tigerclaw?" didn't fool anyone.

Licking his chest fur, sounding as casual as he could, Firefang commented. "For a warrior who spends his free time terrorizing lost cats, he must be very accomplished to have killed that RiverClan deputy—Oakheart, wasn't it?"

Again Ravenpaw flinched. This must've been the jumpiest cat in the forest, the ShadowClan warrior mused to himself. Then he mused about just what could make him that jumpy to begin with? "Y-yes." Ravenpaw nodded. "He's a great warrior...I'm lucky to have him as my mentor." He meowed unconvincingly.

If that wasn't the biggest lie Firefang had ever heard, the orange tabby thought to himself, then he was a mouse. Firefang had been told by an exasperated sounding Brokenstar that he himself had "too honest a face," despite his ShadowClan training to hide his thoughts and feelings. He didn't think it reflected well on Brokenstar that he considered that a mortal flaw. But Ravenpaw was probably the lousiest liar in the Clans.

"Curious that Tigerclaw wasn't bragging at the Gathering about how he killed the RiverClan deputy." Firefang commented, not sure what he was getting at himself but knew that something was up. "For that's strange that Oakheart, a RiverClan deputy, would forget the Warrior Code and kill the ThunderClan deputy, Redtail."

Ravenpaw lashed his tail. The ShadowClan warrior was prodding too close...whatever else he was, Ravenpaw was a loyal ThunderClan cat. He wasn't about to share what he knew with an outsider. Although, he winced to himself. It would feel so good to finally tell someone what he saw that night at Sunningrocks; he hadn't told any cat, not even Graypaw. While he was a good friend, Graypaw just wasn't, well, wasn't exactly a deep thinker. He wouldn't know what to do with this kind of knowledge. So Ravenpaw had instead decided to keep hard as it was.

"Well?" Firefang meowed.

Ravenpaw was saved from answering by Yellowfang and Bluestar waking up. He peered around Firefang to see his leader stretch. "What did you see?" He blurted out without thinking.

Bluestar regarded the apprentice for what seemed like a long moment before meowing, "I cannot reveal what StarClan decides to show me. You know that." She flicked her ears. "Come. We must return to camp."

"See you later." Ravenpaw murmured to the ShadowClan warrior as he brushed past him, following his leader out of Mothermouth.

Firefang looked back to Yellowfang as she idly scratched at her ear. "Well? Did you find out what you wanted to find?"

"StarClan reveals what it reveals." She meowed cryptically.

"Oh well, that's helpful." Firefang couldn't help comment.

Yellowfang flicked her tail over his ears. "When the time is right, you'll know. Let's go home." Nodding once, Firefang followed.

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