Adopted By One Direction

A hard life in an orphanage, 17 year old Maria wants to get adopted. What happens when a group of boys comes to adopt?


2. Two

Maria's POV

I run inside and up the stairs, grabbing my suitcase. I throw all my stuff in then grab the necklace from my nightstand. I hold it in my hand and smile, sliding it in my pocket then grabbing my suitcase.

I carry it downstairs and smile widely as I see the guys. "Ready?" Louis asks and I nod. Liam takes my suitcase and we walk outside. I say goodbye to everyone and hug Mrs. Callie.

We walk to the car and I slide in beside Louis. They all look at me as the car starts moving. "Woah.. who's driving?" I ask looking around.

"It's our driver. There's something you should know." Louis chuckles and looks into my eyes. I look back at him and raise my eyebrow.

"We are One Direction!" They all shout and I furrow my eyebrows. "What is that?" They all gasp in disbelief.

"That 5sos shirt you are wearing, we know them. We went on tour with them and all. We are a band." I smile and clap my hands.

"No way! Can I meet them?!" Liam nods and pulls out a blue iPhone. I look at it as he hands it to me. "You guys didn't have to.." I smile softly.

"It's fine Maria. We started a bunch of social medias for you and added our numbers. And some other numbers too." Louis winks as he says this as I squeal, hugging him tightly.

I start looking through my phone and look at the social medias. I lean my head on Louis's shoulder and sigh. "So which one of you is my dad now?" They all point to Liam and I nod.

I look at Harry and see him glaring at me. I bite the inside of my cheek and look away, pulling the necklace from my pocket. I play with it a bit.

"What's that?" I look up at Louis and see he is the only one not on his phone. "It's a necklace from my brother. He said he would find me one day, and that it will be because this necklace." I smile and look at it.

He smiles and leans his head on mine as I close my eyes, yawning slightly. I feel a vibration and I look at my phone.

NIALLER: Hey darling. ;)

Maria: Hey Niall

I look up at him and giggle. "What the heck?" He chuckles and shrugs.

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