Adopted By One Direction

A hard life in an orphanage, 17 year old Maria wants to get adopted. What happens when a group of boys comes to adopt?


1. One

Maria's POV

"Wake up! There are customers coming!" I groan as I hear Mrs. Callie pound on our doors. I get out of bed and walk to the bathroom, braiding my hair into two Dutch braids.

I'm Maria Anderson. I'm 4'10 and 17. I have long blonde hair and icy blue eyes. I wear glasses and love writing in my journal. I love animals and reading and music also.

I look in my suitcase for some nice looking clothes, and only find an old black pair of ripped jeans. I slide them on and roll the bottoms then look for a shirt. I find a blue 5sos shirt and I slide it on before brushing my teeth and walking downstairs.

I walk into the kitchen and grab an apple, biting into it as I slide on some shoes. I tie the shoes and hear the doorbell ring, I walk to my spot in the line up, still eating my apple. I see a group of five guys walk in and I look around the room, still eating my apple.

They walk down the line, smiling at everyone. When they get to me, I wipe the juice from my mouth and smile, holding out my hand. "I'm Maria."

"Niall, Harry, Zayn, Liam, and Louis. Love your shirt darling." They smile and I giggle, looking at my shirt. "Thank you Louis." They wave and keep walking down the line. I finish my apple and walk to the kitchen, throwing the core away before getting back to the line.

"Girls you are dismissed. Maria please turn on the tv for the little ones. You may go in the yard if you want." I nod and smile, skipping into the living room and turning on the tv.

After turning it on, I go to my room and grab my journal, walking outside. I sit by the big tree and look up at the sky, writing in my journal for a bit.

I hear footsteps and I turn, smiling as I see Liam. "Hey there. What are you doing out here?" I ask him, scooting over to make room for him. He smiles and sits beside me.

"I just wanted to come see what you were doing. Maria right?" I nod and he nods, looking at my journal then turning away. "So, why are you here?"

I sigh and pull my knees to my chest. "Well.. I came here when I was six. My parents died and I lived with my grandpa and brother. My grandpa died and my brother left. And here I am." I smile softly.

"So you've been here for quite awhile." I nod and sigh. "I can't wait to leave." He smirks and I raise an eyebrow.

"What's with the smirk?" He chuckles and stands up, holding out a hand. "Go pack up." My eyes widen as I hear his words. I slap a hand over my mouth as I start tearing up. I jump up on his waist and hug him tightly. "Thank you!!!"

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