Snatched: The Story of Snowkit

Snowkit was always assumed dead by ThunderClan. But what if he wasn't? What if StarClan took him away from the Clan that would have never given him a chance? What if he had a greater destiny than anyone in ThunderClan could have believed?


26. StarClan

Snowpaw opened his eyes to bright sunlight streaming in through the den. He blinked slowly, letting his eyes adjust to the brightness, before getting to his paws and padding out of the den. He had to find Lightning.

Snowpaw scented the air, but smelling nothing of importance besides a nearby mouse. His stomach rumbled, but he ignored it. It was his punishment for deserting Lightning.

Thirst, however, was not something that could be easily ignored. Snowpaw had to find some source of water. Normal cats would follow the sound of a flowing stream or of water lapping against a bank; Snowpaw didn't have that luxury. Instead, he concentrated on scents; the scent of water itself, the scent of water voles, the scent of water plants. His keen nose picked up the scent of a water vole, and he followed the scent eagerly. The vole squealed as he grew near; he could feel it in his paws. The creature scampered away, but Snowpaw didn't care; he wasn't here to eat. He dipped his muzzle in the cool water, letting out a sigh of contentment before beginning to lap it up. Once his thirst was sated, he turned his attention to the breeze once more.

Snowpaw strained to identify any scent, but he could find none. Lightning had probably disguised it somehow, he realized, so the Clan cats wouldn't find him. He should do the same. Snowpaw carefully selected a patch of damp ferns next to the water and rolled in it, using the ferns to hide his scent.

His search continued. By sunhigh, Snowpaw was beginning to panic; what if he didn't find Lightning after all? He is either looking for me, or hiding during the day from the Clan cats, Snowpaw thought. He might have even looked at their camp to see if he could find me there. What if he's been captured? There's no way they would believe his story!

Snowpaw pointed his muzzle the way he had come, towards camp, and took off running. If Lightning had been captured, Snowpaw might be the only cat who could save him, who could prove his story.

When he reached camp, Snowpaw couldn't smell anything strange. He peered through the brambles in the same place he had before. Nothing. If Lightning had come there he would have surely been in camp Snowpaw sighed, and his tail drooped as he looked around, feeling completely lost. How could he find Lightning?

If I could only find where we were before, I might be able to track him, Snowpaw thought. He peered through the forest searching for any sort of clue, any kind of marker that might point him in the right direction. And then, he saw it, a single white hair! Snowpaw raced towards it and sniffed it; yes, definitely his own. Feeling elated, Snowpaw burst into a run, racing in the direction that the hair had pointed him to.

Snowpaw saw the clearing where he and Lightning had shared the rabbit. He slowed, peeking through the brush hesitantly. Lightning! His jaws almost parted in a cry, but he forced himself to be silent. Lightning was hunched over, and as Snowpaw peered at him, he saw Lightning's mouth moving. What is he doing? Snowpaw wondered. He squinted, reading Lightning's lips, and his eyes widened. He's praying!

"StarClan, if you're up there," Lightning said slowly, "please, show me a sign. I've trusted Snowpaw's word enough to leave my Clan behind looking for you...but he deserted me. I know his heart is in the right place. Please, let him come back. We need him, we don't have the first clue about running a Clan without him. And please, StarClan, let us find you."

Lightning sighed quietly and opened his eyes slowly. They widened as he saw Snowpaw.

"Snowpaw!" he exclaimed.

"Hush," Snowpaw warned. "Their camp isn't too far away from here."

"You found it then?" Lightning asked, and his ears flattened slightly. "Are you going to stay with them?"

"I'm here, aren't I?" Snowpaw asked simply. "I'm not going to apologize, though; I made what I felt to be the right decision. If ThunderClan still needed me I would be with them. But my mother's happy now and Big and Ginger are growing up to be strong; they don't need me here anymore. Your Clan needs me more, Lightning."

Lightning smiled at him. "I'm glad you've decided to stay," he said simply, before blinking slowly. "You don't believe StarClan brought you here to rejoin ThunderClan, then?"

Snowpaw shook his head. "I just wish I knew why they brought me here at all," he said slowly.

"Maybe it has something to do with the prophecy?" Lightning asked. "Bright rocks and glistening pools, and all that."

Snowpaw frowned and mulled it over for a moment. Glistening pool, he thought, remembering the pool from his dreams. Bright rock... And then it hit him like a badger, and his eyes widened. "Of course! How did I not see this before?" Lightning simply linked at him, puzzled. "The Moonstone!" Snowpaw exclaimed. "It's what the medicine cats here use to speak with StarClan. We just have to find the Moonstone; maybe then StarClan will point us in the right direction."

Lightning let out a low purr. "Excellent. Where is this Moonstone?"

Snowpaw deflated. "I don't know," he admitted. Lightning's ears flattened.

"You could ask someone in ThunderClan, one of the medicine cats," Lightning suggested. Snowpaw laughed quietly. It would be great to see the gray she-cat again, but how could he hope for her to keep it secret from the rest of the Clan?

"We have to go this alone," Snowpaw decided. "This forest is their entire world, but that doesn't make it so big."

"The north star," Lightning said unexpectedly. "You said once that it was important to cats, right? It helped guide them even in the afterlife. It might help guide us to StarClan, perhaps?"

Snowpaw smiled at Lightning warmly. "See? You already know so much. You wouldn't need me, not really. We'll have to wait until nightfall, though."

Lightning shrugged and rose to his paws. "I'll catch us something to eat," he said. "Just promise you won't run off again."

. . .

Lightning returned with a vole for the pair of them; killing too much prey might alert the Clan of their presence. Once a patrol had nearly caught them; the patrol had been upwind and Snowpaw hadn't scented them. If it hadn't been for Lightning's keen ears, they would have been caught; as it was, they were lucky the patrol hadn't looked upwards, towards the trees where Lightning and Snowpaw had hidden. Snowpaw had almost laughed at the absurdity of standing right above the warriors' heads, completely unseen.

Lightning and Snowpaw remained in the trees even after the warriors had long disappeared. It was peaceful there, with only the rustling leaves for company, and it gave them the best view of the sky. Snowpaw watched the sun dip down low with a smile. His blue eyes scanned the sky eagerly, waiting for the first star to appear. Lightning saw it first, pointing at it with one paw, and slowly the others began to appear as well. And then finally Snowpaw could pick out the north star, the biggest and brightest of all.

"Let's go," he said to Lightning quietly, and the two of them silently slipped out of the tree, following the beckoning star.

. . .

Traveling at night proved difficult. Snowpaw felt uneasy; the darkness made it hard for him to pick things out, even with his keen eyes, and because he could not hear he was always looking over his shoulder, thinking some cat was behind them. Their journey was slow, and it wasn't until dawn poked its rosy head up that they neared the northernmost border.

"This is our border with WindClan," Snowpaw said. "There will be nowhere for us to hide here, so we should wait on the border in the trees until nightfall. WindClan's territory is nothing but open moors."

Lightning nodded. "We can wait for the dawn patrol, and then I'll hunt something before dusk," he said. The two of them located a large oak tree, and Snowpaw found a large hole in the thick trunk. The two toms curled up inside together, protected from any warrior's eyes.

It wasn't until sunhigh that they awoke again, and Lightning went hunting. Snowpaw sat at the bottom of the hole anxiously, not daring to look up through the hole lest a warrior see him. Finally, he scented Lightning, and the golden tom entered the den with two mice in his jaws.

"Nearly ran into a patrol; it seems they're doing sunhigh patrols too," Lightning grunted, settling in beside Snowpaw. "Lay low."

Snowpaw and Lightning finished off their mice quickly. Snowpaw felt soothed by the food in his belly, and with the promise of Lightning to stand guard, Snowpaw quickly fell asleep.

A nudge from Lightning woke Snowpaw up as dusk fell over the forest.

"Patrol just left," Lightning said softly. "Let's find some ferns to roll in again, and go."

They found no ferns, but they did find foxdung, and although it disgusted Snowpaw, they had no choice but to roll in it.

"At least if we run into WindClan warriors, they'll think we're foxes before they see us," Snowpaw joked. Lightning didn't smile, but he rolled his eyes.

They continued to follow the north star as best they could, sticking near the Thunderpath for safety; if worst came to worst, they could always cross the border to ShadowClan and wait it out. WindClan would never chase them there.

The mountains of HighStones rose in front of them impressively. Only a few monsters dared cross the Thunderpath at night, and so Lightning and Snowpaw made it over easily. The sharp rocks cut into Snowpaw's pads, soft again after a moon of captivity and soft forest ground. He winced slightly with each step, but Lightning was unfazed.

"We need to find a big entrance, called Mothermouth," Snowpaw said slowly. Lightning nodded.

"Should be easy to find," he said.

"There," Snowpaw breathed in awe as the gaping maw of Mothermouth appeared before them. Lightning looked nervous, but he clenched his jaw and strode forward into the darkness. Snowpaw's pelt prickled anxiously; the darkness stole his sight from him, leaving him depending on scent and touch alone.

"Stay close," Snowpaw whispered, and felt Lightning press against his side. "Keep against the wall; it will lead us to the Moonstone."

He felt Lightning rumble a reply, and then they padded together in silence.

Snowpaw found himself closing his eyes; they were useless open, and it helped him concentrate. There wasn't anything to scent except stone and a few creatures above them; bats, perhaps. And then, light pierced his closed eyes and he felt Lightning give a gasp of astonishment, Snowpaw opened his eyes, and somehow the dazzling light became even brighter, and he found himself gazing at the Moonstone. He could feel the sheer power of the rock thrumming through his paws, much like the bright-rocks from the nest they had raided. Snowpaw looked at Lightning, and saw the golden tabby's eyes wide in amazement.

"It's real," Lightning whispered. "StarClan is real."

Snowpaw smiled at him, and the two of them padded forward towards the rock. They sat down beside it together, and then in one motion, pressed their noses to the stone. Snowpaw shivered with cold and closed his eyes.

He opened them to the sound of birdsong.

Lightning was gazing up at the blue sky. "Incredible." He turned to Snowpaw. "Where are we?"

For the first time, Snowpaw heard Lightning's voice; it was deep and smooth, like golden honey pouring over his ears. Snowpaw purred at the wonder of it.

"This is StarClan's forest," Snowpaw said, with a glance around. "This is where I speak to the white she-cat when I dream."

"Every night, you dreamed of this..." Lightning murmured.

"Snowpaw!" a melodious voice greeted him, and Snowpaw turned to see the white she-cat padding towards him. "What are you doing here?"

"We're looking for StarClan like you told us to," Snowpaw said, "but we don't know where to look. We ended up in the old forest, and I thought this was our best bet. We hoped you could point us in the right dirction."

The white she-cat purred, and as she padded forward, her beauty was all the more evident. Snowpaw could see that even Lightning was bewitched, although he knew Lightning's love for Mossflower was strong.

"She visits you in your dreams?" Lightning whisperd, and Snowpaw nodded.

"This isn't where you're supposed to meet us," the she-cat said sitting down."You can't get your nine lives, not yet. You have to find the right place, first."

Lightning's eyes narrowed. "Why can't we do it here?"

"Because our journey isn't over yet," Snowpaw told him. "Once we find our true meeting place, you can earn your nine lives then."

Lightning frowned. "We've come all this way, and still haven't made it," he grumbled. "How are we supposed to find it?"

"You're closer than you think," the she-cat purred. "Tonight is the night of the full moon; it is dawn now, but if you move quickly you can reach your meeting place by nightfall...and then you'll know the place you are supposed to be."

Snowpaw and Lightning exchanged glances. "And if we don't find it tonight?" Snowpaw asked. The she-cat laughed quietly.

"You will," she assured them, and flicked her tail ."You must hurry, though, and I will leave you now. If all goes well, I shall see you again tonight." She dipped her head to them and Lightning and Snowpaw returned the courtesy, before the she-cat faded away. Lightning turned to Snowpaw questioningly and opened his mouth, but the dream-forest was already disappearing.

Snowpaw opened his eyes to the dazzling Moonstone.

"The sun must already be high for it to be striking the stone," Snowpaw said, rising to his paws. "We should go." He turned to move back into the tunnel, but Lightning didn't follow.

"I can't believe this," Lightning said, and when he turned to Snowpaw, his eyes were shining. "They're really there! They're really watching over us while we're down here…."

"Yeah," Snowpaw said with a slight smile on his muzzle. "They're always watching. It's a nice feeling, huh?"

"But it doesn't mean we can count on them to take care of everything for us. We're in charge of our own lives too, right?" Lightning asked. Snowpaw nodded, and Lightning turned away from the Moonstone.

"Where do we go now?" Lightning asked. "She said we were close."

"I don't know," Snowpaw sighed. "I don't know what lies past Highstones. To our other side is ShadowClan and Twolegplace, if we go down to ThunderClan there's a Twolegplace, and if we go to RiverClan, again there are Twolegs. StarClan and Twolegs just don't mix. We could follow the RiverClan-WindClan border and see where that takes us, but…."

"Look," Lightning said, flicking his tail towards a wall. The brightness had lit up the entire cavern. "There's a tunnel."

"Highstones is full of tunnels," Snowpaw said. "Nothing extraordinary about it. Most of them are dead ends."

"But they aren't all dead ends," Lightning said slowly, "which means that some of them lead places. These caves used to be used by Twolegs, didn't they? There's a similar bunch of caves past the North River on our territory. Twolegs look for things here…like bright rocks."

"The path," Snowpaw realized, and he turned to Lightning. "One of these tunnels could lead to StarClan!"

"But which one?" Lightning asked anxiously. "There are many of them, right?"

"The white she-cat said we were close," Snowpaw said. "Let's try this tunnel first. Maybe we'll find out where we should go from there." Snowpaw padded towards the tunnel Lightning had spotted.

This could be the wrong tunnel, Snowpaw thought, and who knows how far it goes? We could waste our entire day looking for the right tunnel and miss our chance to speak with StarClan. Or, we could get lost down there, lost foreverwe could die, and our Clan wouldn't know what had happened to us. How long would they wait for us to come back? They've already waited an entire moon, and who knows how many days it will take us to get back even if we find StarClan.

Not noticing Snowpaw's anxiety, Lightning had already padded away, down the tunnel. Hesitating for a brief moment, Snowpaw slowly followed.

The Moonstone's light gradually faded behind them, changing the color of the tunnels from white to gray to black in only a few short minutes of walking, and they were lost in the darkness again. Lightning and Snowpaw kept their tails touching, and Lightning kept his muzzle resting against one side of the tunnel, Snowpaw on the other.

And they walked.

In his mind, Snowpaw tracked their progress, the winding tunnel moving from side to side, the dead end that branched off into another tunnel, this one narrower than the last. As they walked, Snowpaw's fear grew; would they find their way out, let alone StarClan?

Finally, they could walk no further. Hunger clawed at Snowpaw's stomach, but even the bats didn't live in this tunnel.

"We've to go stop," Snowpaw said softly. "We can't keep going, we're tired. I don't know what time it is, and neither do you. We're tired; we need to rest. Tomorrow we'll just have to turn around, and find our way out. We'll look elsewhere; this just wasn't the answer."

He could almost feel Lightning's gaze burning into him in the darkness.

"Fine," Lightning grunted. "There's room enough here, I suppose."

Snowpaw felt Lightning shift, lowering himself to the ground, and Snowpaw did the same. The cold floor made Snowpaw shiver, and wordlessly he and Lightning moved closer together, soaking up each other's heat.

Gradually, Snowpaw drifted off.

A bright light seared through Snowpaw's eyelids. For a moment, he thought he had somehow sleep-walked back to the Moonstone. Instead, when he opened his eyes he found himself surrounded by bright, dazzling light. Snowpaw's jaws dropped, and he looked around in amazement. All around them were glittering chips of light, the same stones as the Moonstone. Snowpaw blinked around, confused. How had they missed this? Surely the sun would have hit them.

Then, he saw it, the slightest hole in the top of the cave. Above it the full moon hovered, aligned just right to beam down into the cave, sending light spiraling off a bright-stone on the ground to another on the wall, to another and another and another. It would have happened at sunhigh as well, but they hadn't been here then, they had been at the Moonstone.

"Lightning! Wake up!" Snowpaw shouted.

Lightning stirred briefly, and then opened his eyes slowly. His mouth opened in a cry as he saw the glowing stones.

"We found it!" Snowpaw shouted, feeling delirious with glee. "We found it! We found StarClan!"

"I can't believe it," Lightning said, gazing around them with awe. "What do we do now?"

"One of these stones must be the most important," Snowpaw said, squinting at the bright light. When he closed his eyes, stars danced behind his eyelids.

"This one?" Lightning asked, pressing his pelt against Snowpaw and motioning with a paw. Snowpaw blinked at the stone Lightning was indicating; it was the biggest of all the smooth stones in the walls, and it was the first that the moonlight shone down on, the one directly underneath the opening. There the moonlight and starlight was the strongest.

"Yes," Snowpaw said, feeling the thrumming of the stones' power in his paws. "That's the right one."

Snowpaw and Lightning padded towards it together, peering down; it was so smooth that they could see their reflections in it. "The path that shines like the brightest rocks and glistens like the gentlest pool," Snowpaw said softly. He could see it now; the shattered light that the stones brought forth on the cave walls was much like the light pools reflected, and the center stone looked almost like a pool of glassy water. Everything fit.

Snowpaw and Lightning exchanged a nervous glance, and then sat down together, resting their head on their paws and their paws on the smooth surface of the pool. Immediately, despite the sleep he had just received, weariness swept over Snowpaw. His eyes drooped closed.

When they opened, he was not in StarClan's forest. Rather he was somewhere else, somewhere shrouded in mist. Snowpaw blinked nervously, and turned to see Lightning's form melt out of thin air.

"Where are we?" Lightning asked, glancing around.

"You're here," the white she-cat's voice drifted to Snowpaw's ears. "Finally."

Out of the mist came nine starry shadows, pausing just far enough away that their identities could not be told, even with Snowpaw's keen eyes. They arranged themselves in a semi-circle around Snowpaw and Lightning.

"Welcome, Lightning. Are you ready to earn your nine lives?"

Lightning and Snowpaw exchanged glances. Snowpaw gave the tiniest nod, and Lightning took a step forward.

"I am," he said, his honeyed voice ringing out loud and deep.

Out of the shadows came the white she-cat, her pelt bright with stars and her eyes blue and alluring.

"With this life, I give you humbleness. Use it well to ensure that you make sure to heed the wise council of others."

The white she-cat and Lightning stepped forward to touch noses, and Lightning went rigid as a bolt of pain soared through his body. Lightning opened his mouth in a soundless scream. Finally the white she-cat stepped back, leaving Lightning quivering.

"I'm sorry," Snowpaw said, eyes wide. "I didn't realize it would hurt."

"I went deaf," Lightning whispered, his eyes huge in his golden face. "I-"

He was interrupted as another cat stepped forward, this one a small golden tabby.

"With this life, I give you love. Use it to care for your Clan and protect them." the she-cat said softly, touching Lightning. Lightning seemed to relax almost, his face growing peaceful. The white she-cat turned to Snowpaw.

"We have much to speak about, at the next half-moon," she said softly, before padding to rejoin the other StarClan cats. Snowpaw returned his attention to Lightning, to see the golden she-cat taking a step back.

"Mother," Lightning whispered. "You didn't even believe in StarClan!"

The golden she-cat purred. "You learn a lot after you die," she said softly, "and sometimes a little before. Bolt will be here soon-"

"Spoil everything, don't you, Strike?" a warm voice asked, as another StarClan cat padded forward. This one shared Lightning's golden voice and size, but his pelt was a dark dappled brown. Strike touched muzzles with him, before padding back to the other StarClan cats.

"Father," Lightning said in amazement.

"With this life, I give you strength. Use it to fight for your Clan with all your heart," Bolt said, reaching out to touch Lightning. Again, Lightning's face contorted with pain, but it was over quickly and Bolt padded away.

Snowpaw was startled to see the next cat, the old gray medicine cat who had been snappy when he was young. "You," Snowpaw exclaimed, blinking with surprise. The she-cat ignored him, reaching out to Lightning instead.

"With this life, I give you loyalty," the she-cat rasped, sounding much like Hag. "Use it to keep your Clan close to you." Lightning reached out to touch her first this time, despite the pain the life brought him. Once her life had been given, the she-cat turned to Snowpaw.

"We were never properly introduced, were we, young one?" the she-cat rasped. "I was Yellowfang." She moved closer to him, lowering her voice so that only he could hear. "Love is the most wonderful thing for a warrior...but the worst for a medicine cat." With that, she padded away.

Snowpaw was even more startled when the next cat padded forward; it was the youngest queen, Brindleface. She was dead? But how?

"With this life, I give you love for your kits. Use it to love your kits and the kits of your Clan; they are the future." Brindleface said softly, touching noses with Lightning. Lightning relaxed, thinking this life would be like Strike's, only to find himself clenching his jaw in pain.

"You're dead?" Snowpaw asked as Brindleface drew away. "How?"

Brindleface looked at him sadly. "Killed by a traitor," she simply, before padding away.

A familiar-looking blue-gray she-cat padded forward next, glancing at Snowpaw quickly before turning her attention to Lightning.

"With this life, I give you the wisdom of a leader," she said. "Use it to lead your Clan and make the right decisions that others won't." She touched her nose to Lightning's, and with another glance at Snowpaw, padded away.

A large golden tom padded forward next.

"With this life, I give you bravery. Use it to stir your Clan's hearts, and fight for your Clan as best you can." The golden tom touched Lightning's nose, and then padded away.

A sleek tortoiseshell was the next to pad forward.

"With this life, I give you selflessness," the tortoiseshell purred in a silky voice. "Use it to defend your Clan however necessary; losing one of your lives is sometimes worth less than another Clanmate losing theirs." She touched Lightning's nose, and for the eighth time Lightning stood the pain. The tortoiseshell padded towards Snowpaw, instead of back to the StarClan cats.

"Remember, something forbidden isn't necessarily forbidden forever." With that, she padded away.

Lightning and Snowpaw waited for a moment, but no cat came forward.

"That's eight, right?" Lightning asked, his voice sounding weak and tired. "Where's the ninth?"

"I'm the ninth," a voice said quietly, and the ninth cat padded forward. Snowpaw's eyes widened and his heart clenched as he recognized the chocolate pelt.

"With this life, I give you forgiveness. Use it well to forgive those that have made mistakes; no cat is perfect." Fear reached forward, but Lightning didn't meet her nose.

"You're dead," Lightning whispered. "And you made it here?"

"StarClan forgives those that are sorry for what they've done in the past," Fear said, "and I do regret many things."

Lightning simply stared at her for a moment, and then slowly reached forward with his nose. Their noses met, and Lightning's mouth opened in a cry, lasting for many minutes before Fear pulled away.

"I understand," Lightning said. "I forgive you."

"Fear," Snowpaw murmured, taking a step forward, and then another, and then burying his face in her starry chocolate fur. She smelled of fire and ice. "Fear, I'm so shouldn't have died, it's our fault, if we hadn't dragged Wander away for some pointless raid..."

Fear froze under his touch, and then he felt her lick his ear. "I'm safe here," she said, "and I'm happy again. Sin - excuse me, Blackfang - is here, you know, StarClan forgave him; he was a good warrior, it wasn't his fault his head was messed up. And I think the rest of the Pride will find their way to me again, the meantime they have a new leader, or they will. She's coming to realize who she is, it won't take long."

Snowpaw blinked up at Fear; his vision seemed blurry. "You're happy, Fear?"

Fear nodded slowly. "I think Brownfur is the best name for me again," she said, "and yes. I am."

Snowpaw stared at her for a moment, and then sighed. "I'm glad you're happy here. C-can we meet each other again? In my dreams?"

Fear smiled at him, laughing quietly. "Of course."

And with that, she padded away, completing the half-circle once more. Their voices rang out a final time,

"Your old life is no more, Lightning. You have received the nine lives of a leader, and StarClan grants you the guardianship of your new Clan. Defend it well; care for young and old; honor your ancestors and the traditions of the warrior code; live each life with pride and dignity. We hail you now by your new name: Lightningstar!"

Their voices swelled as they chanted Lightning's new name, and Snowpaw could feel his heart swelling with pride as he joined in.

Then, the white she-cat took a step forward. "Before you two leave, I'd like to do one final thing." She glanced at the others, and they nodded for her to continue.

"I, Snowfall, one of the many medicine cats of StarClan, call upon StarClan to look upon this apprentice. He has trained hard to understand the ways of a medicine cat, and with our help he will serve his Clan for many moons. Snowpaw, do you promise to uphold the ways of a medicine cat, to stand apart from rivalry between Clan and Clan an to protect all cats equally, even at the cost of your life?"

Snowpaw's eyes widened in his white face, as he felt a jolt of surprise. "I do."

"Then by the powers of StarClan I give you your true name as a medicine cat. Snowpaw, from this moment you will be known as Snowhawk, for the hawk that brought you to your new Clan, and helped shape your destiny. StarClan honors your wisdom and your selflessness, and we welcome you as a full medicine cat."

The white she-cat - Snowfall - rested her head on Snowhawk's head, and he licked her shoulder. Snowhawk, he thought. Snowhawk!

"Snowhawk! Snowhawk! Snowhawk!" the voices of StarClan surrounded him, and he found himself smiling as Snowfall took a step back.

"See you soon," she whispered, and Snowpaw found the dream dissolving around him, as StarClan and Fear faded away before his eyes, as their chanting faded into his ears, following him into the waking world.

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