Snatched: The Story of Snowkit

Snowkit was always assumed dead by ThunderClan. But what if he wasn't? What if StarClan took him away from the Clan that would have never given him a chance? What if he had a greater destiny than anyone in ThunderClan could have believed?


21. One Night

The days gradually passed for the young Clan, as the moon began to wax. Nightkit reached his sixth moon and became Nightpaw, apprenticed to Windheart. Lightkit was close behind, but she seemed extremely nervous about becoming a warrior's apprentice.

Then, the night before the full moon, something strange happened to Lightkit. One minute she was talking to Cricketpaw, the next she was on her side gasping for breath.

"Snowpaw!" Cricketpaw shrieked. "Mossflower! Help!"

Snowpaw raced to his friends side, to see Lightkit laying on her side, almost face down in the dirt. She was breathing heavily, making rasping noises as if she was sick with greencough. She gasped and wheezed for several minutes, until she finally went limp.

Cricketpaw was staring down at Lightkit, fear in his eyes. "What's happening to her?" he demanded.

"I-I don't know," Snowpaw stammered. Is she…is she dead? He wondered.

Then, Lightkit stirred slightly, opening her blue-violet eyes. She blinked up at them, as if confused as to where she was.

"Crookedstar," she whispered, before going limp again, her sides rising and falling evenly.

"What…?" Cricketpaw whispered, staring at her. Snowpaw's pelt prickled with unease; Crookedstar sounded like a leader's name. She said she felt cats when they die, Snowpaw remembered. So, somewhere a cat named Crookedstar must have just died…but how can she sense it from so far away? And why would StarClan allow her to be tortured so? To die every time another cat does…how awful.

"Let's take her to the medicine den," Snowpaw said softly. Cricketpaw nodded anxiously, picking up Lightkit by her scruff. Snowpaw padded after him, motioning for Cricketpaw to lay her down on a soft patch of moss. Cricketpaw took a step back, allowing Snowpaw to examine her.

"She seems fine," Snowpaw said, completely bemused.

"She told me she had these…visions," Cricketpaw said. "She didn't want me to tell anyone, but…."

"I know," Snowpaw said quickly, "she came to me a long time ago, asking about them. She thought I might have the answers, since I'm going to be a medicine cat."

Cricketpaw blinked in surprise, and then nodded. "Do you think the visions did this?"

Snowpaw considered the matter carefully. "Crookedstar is a leader's name; that's what she said after the coughing stopped. I think somewhere a cat named Crookedstar just died of greencough, and she had a vision of it. She should be fine, if this is true; it's happened to her before, with other cats."

Cricketpaw blinked down anxiously at Lightkit. "I hope she'll be okay."

"She'll be fine," Snowpaw said, his voice ringing with confidence. "You can stay here with her until she wakes up though, if you like."

Cricketpaw nodded and Snowpaw left the den, only to be confronted by Nightpaw.

"Is Lightkit going to be okay?" Nightpaw asked anxiously. Snowpaw nodded.

"She'll be fine," he said, but Nightpaw didn't look convinced. "She should wake up in a little bit, if you want to be with her."

Nightpaw blinked into the medicine den, before shaking his head. "I don't want her to think I'm stalking her, or anything," he said, but he still looked worried. He needed something to keep his mind off of his friend.

"Do you want to go on a hunting patrol?" Snowpaw offered. "The fresh-kill pile looks a little small."

Nightpaw's face lit up.

Snowpaw's pelt tingled as someone's tail touched it. He turned, and saw Frostpaw smiling.

"Can I come too?" she asked. Snowpaw glanced at Nightpaw, who shrugged.

"Of course," Snowpaw purred. "Let's go ahead and head out; it'll be dusk soon, I think."

The three apprentices padded out of camp together, keeping their eyes peeled for scents of the forest. Snowpaw opened his mouth, tasting the breeze. There didn't appear to be anything this close to camp.

"Maybe we should try fishing," Frostpaw purred, nudging Snowpaw playfully. He blushed. Ottertail had held true to his promise, and had been teaching the apprentices how to fish; Snowpaw, however, had fallen into the river on one of the lessons. He would have been washed away if Ottertail had dived in after him.

"Or, we could get that mouse over there that you can't even smell," Snowpaw retorted, flicking his left ear towards a clump of leaves. Frostpaw frowned at him.

"If there's a mouse there, why don't you catch it?" she challenged. Snowpaw rolled his eyes, but crouched, creeping forward on silent pawsteps. He could feel Frostpaw's gaze piercing him from behind. Snowpaw hesitated for a split second, making sure that his nose was telling him exactly where the mouse was; he couldn't hear it scratching among the leaves, like a normal cat could. Deciding to take the chance, he sprang, feeling a warm body slither out from between his paws. Snowpaw struck out desperately at the fleeing mouse, managing to make a lucky swipe that slowed it down just enough for Snowpaw to make a rather clumsy pounce and catch it. He turned to look at Frostpaw, who was laughing. Snowpaw's ears flattened with embarrassment, and he quickly buried the prey, before blinking slowly.

"Where's Nightpaw?" he asked. Frostpaw glanced around, and blinked in surprise as she realized the black apprentice had disappeared.

"I don't know," she replied with a frown, raising her nose to scent the air. "We should find him, though, he can't just wander off."

Snowpaw and Frostpaw began following Nightpaw's scent, but lost it near a clump of damp ferns; by padding through them, Nightpaw had disguised his scent, although whether it was on purpose or accidental was unclear.

"Let's see if we can find some sign of him," Snowpaw called, and they padded towards the ferns, spreading out to find any traces of the apprentice, whether it was his black fur, a snapped twig, or flattened grass. As hard as they looked, they could find nothing. Puzzled, Snowpaw sat back on his haunches and simply stared at the clump of ferns.

"The sun's going down," Frostpaw said nervously. Snowpaw looked up and realized it was true; the sun had already disappeared halfway on the horizon. "He might have already gone back to camp," Frostpaw said, "maybe we should go too?"

"Wait," Snowpaw said slowly, as something occurred to him. "He probably heard us talking about the river, and thought we were going there next, after I caught the mouse. You know Nightpaw, he can't stand to stay still."

Frostpaw nodded. "We should go to the river, then?"

"Either the river, or one of the streams." Snowpaw toyed with a leaf absentmindedly, lost in thought. Which stream is closest? Which would he go to?

"Ottertail was teaching us to fish in the stream by the willow trees," Frostpaw remembered. "Maybe we should go there."

Snowpaw shrugged; it was as good an idea as any. Frostpaw and Snowpaw began padding through the forest together. Snowpaw raised his nose to the breeze, hoping to catch the dark apprentice's scent, but he was disappointed. Beside him, he felt Frostpaw quiver as she let out a yelp.

"Sorry," she apologized, lifting up one of her paws. "I stepped on a thorn."

They stopped for a moment to allow Snowpaw to inspect her paw. "It's not very deep, just hold still," Snowpaw instructed, before reaching forward and nipping the thorn as quickly as he could, pulling it out. Frostpaw let out another yelp, and began licking her paw in earnest.

"It's bleeding," she whimpered.

"The stream's right over there, I can smell it. We can bathe your paw in it even if Nightpaw isn't there."

Frostpaw limped after Snowpaw towards the stream. She sat down on the bank, dipping her paw in the cool water and letting out a sigh of contentment as it soothed the pain. Snowpaw waited to allow her to soak it, before examining it again.

"Still bleeding," he observed, shaking his head. "I'll have to fetch some cobwebs to stop the bleeding, and some marigold to stop infection. Just wait here, okay?"

Frostpaw nodded quickly, and Snowpaw hurried away.

It didn't take long for him to find cobwebs – he strung them around his tail to hold them – but finding marigold was difficult. The moon was already rising in the sky by the time Snowpaw made it back to her.

"Sorry," he panted, "I couldn't find it." He chewed up the marigold and applied it to her dripping-wet paw, before binding it with cobwebs.

"It feels better now, thanks," Frostpaw said, before returning her gaze to the river. Snowpaw's own eyes were drawn to it as well; the moonlight made it into a beautiful stream of silver, dazzling to his eyes. He blinked, mesmerized by the dancing water.

"Beautiful, huh?" Frostpaw whispered. Snowpaw turned to her, observing her fur, turned silver by moonlight.

"Yeah," he said softly, gazing at her, "beautiful."

And then, for once in his life, Snowpaw acted on impulse instead of thinking first. He reached forward, and licked Frostpaw on the muzzle, not quickly or casually, but in a slow way that made his tongue tingle. It wasn't a friendly lick like he and Frostpaw often exchanged; no, this meant something more, and he felt it tingling through the roots of his fur.

Immediately, he realized what he had done, and he rose to his paws hurriedly.

"W-we should go back to camp," he stammered, "Nightpaw's probably home and waiting for us."

"Y-yeah," Frostpaw stuttered, clearly just as surprised as he was. "We should go."

Snowpaw padded away quickly, and when he glanced over his shoulder, Frostpaw was a few footsteps behind. Is she behind because her paw hurts? Or…?

The scents of camp soon made themselves obvious, and with them came a flood of relief for Snowpaw; home meant pretending that his little slip-up wouldn't be known, could be forgotten. He wouldn't let it happen again. A medicine cat couldn't let it happen.

As soon as they entered camp, Snowpaw and Frostpaw separated; Snowpaw glanced over his shoulder to see Frostpaw blinking rapidly, as if trying to clear her head. Snowpaw sighed quietly, before padding into the medicine den.

"How is she?" he asked Cricketpaw. Cricketpaw jumped as Snowpaw entered, and Snowpaw realized Cricketpaw hadn't moved at all.

"She woke up once, asking for Breezefeather," he said. "She came in here until Lightkit fell asleep again. I think she'll be fine…." The young tom nibbling his lip nervously. Snowpaw brushed his fluffy tail against his friend's tabby pelt.

"I think she can go back into the nursery now," he said. "Has anyone else come to visit her?"

"Windheart did, but I think he was looking for Nightpaw," Cricketpaw said. "I don't think he's back yet."

Snowpaw's pelt prickled with foreboding, but he put it aside.

"When she wakes up, you can take her back to the nursery," Snowpaw said, the tip of his tail twitching with anxiety. "Excuse me."

He padded out of the den, his heart thumping in his chest. You won't need me for another moon, he remembered the she-cat saying, as fresh as if her voice had just whispered into his ear. Has it been a moon already? What's going on? What happened to Nightpaw? I've got to ask Lightning, maybe StarClan's spoken with him!

Lightning raised his head as Snowpaw burst into his den. "Yes?" Lightning asked slowly.

"I think Nightpaw's missing! Frostpaw and I were out with him, and while I was catching a mouse he wandered off and we lost his scent…has StarClan said anything to you?"

Lightning's gaze dropped to his paws. "No," he said softly. "StarClan has not yet said anything to me. Nor have they given me my nine lives."

Snowpaw nibbled on his paw, worried. "About a moon ago, the she-cat in my dreams said she was leaving, and that I wouldn't need her for another moon," he said. "I think something bad is going to happen. Nightpaw might have been captured!"

Lightning didn't look convinced. "Nightpaw's a wandering spirit; he probably just ran off for a little adventure," he said, keeping a level tone. "You can't jump to conclusions. And if something has happened, why hasn't the she-cat come back to warn you when you need her?"

"StarClan can't always be there in your dreams, watching you. Sometimes if you want to talk to them you have to seek them out…." Snowpaw trailed off, as something occurred to him, about why Lightning might have not gotten his nine lives. However, that thought was moved out to make way for worry about Nightpaw.

"And Nightpaw wouldn't wander away, not today," Snowpaw said. "Lightkit collapsed today, and she had to sleep in my den. She's fine now, but Nightpaw was very worried; we had to draw him out of the den to take his mind off of it. I'm sure he wouldn't wander off without making sure Lightkit was okay, and Cricketpaw said Nightpaw hadn't visited the entire day."

Now, Lightning's amber eyes looked troubled. "Send out a search patrol," he said finally. "You've got the keenest nose, I want you on it. Take Windheart, he's Nightpaw's mentor, Frostpaw, and another warrior."

"Can I take Rainpaw instead of Frostpaw?" Snowpaw asked quickly. Lightning looked surprised, and almost suspicious, but he simply nodded.

Snowpaw padded out of Lightning's den. "Rainpaw!" he yowled, spotting Rainpaw and Frostpaw sharing tongues. "You're coming on a search party with me. Tell Windheart."

Turning away from the pair of surprised apprentices, Snowpaw padded into the warrior's den. "Ottertail!" he exclaimed, before realizing that Ottertail was not in the den. Leafshine uncurled in her nest, blinking at him sleepily.

"Leafshine, Nightpaw's missing. Lightning's sending out a search party, come on," Snowpaw said. Leafshine quickly rose to her paws, the sleepiness gone as she and Snowpaw padded towards Rainpaw and Windheart.

"Hurry, I'll show you where he left Frostpaw and me," Snowpaw said, flicking his tail and leading them out of camp.

They found the area fairly quickly. Snowpaw scented the air, but just as before there was no trace of Nightpaw.

"Leafshine and Rainpaw, start from here to the eastern border of the territory. Work your way up to the Stone River. Windheart and I will work our way from here on the western side to the top of the river, and keep going. Eventually we should meet somewhere, depending on who goes faster."

"Like a race?" Rainpaw asked eagerly.

"No, take your time," Windheart ordered. "We have to find Nightpaw, not stumble around in the dark trying to race."

Rainpaw's ears flattened, and he nodded sullenly. Leafshine looked relieved, although whether it was because she would be with her kit to protect him, or that she didn't have to be with Windheart, Snowpaw wasn't sure.

Windheart and Snowpaw set off, following the well-worn trail of the border patrol. Snowpaw couldn't help but glance around nervously; he hadn't been on many border patrols. The most vivid memory of this path was when the Clan was fleeing from the Pride, into the field and out of their home. The borders had been somewhat adjusted since then, but Lightning's territory still looked over the field. One downside of being so close to the field was that enemies could hide in the thick grass without being scented, just as Lightning and the others had when they fled. Enemies of the Clan, such as the Pride, could be hiding there even now. For the first few days after they ran the Pride out, the patrols had stretched to monitor the field as well, but after a few days it was decided that the danger had passed and the borders had gone back to normal. Were enemies still lurking in the grass after all?

It wasn't until moonhigh that the field came into view. By this time, Snowpaw and Windheart were both beginning to feel discouraged, and Snowpaw found himself losing faith in his own worries. Nightpaw's probably asleep right now, laughing at us and eating prey, he thought bitterly, although his heart told him Nightpaw would do no such thing. What are we out here for? We'll meet Leafshine and Rainpaw at the river, and they won't have seen him either, and then we'll go home and find him there waiting for us….A silent I hope lingered on the edge of his thoughts.

Windheart stared into the field of grass; dimly ahead, the lights of Twolegplace twinkled. Snowpaw stood beside the golden warrior, feeling a strange mixture of excitement and anticipation, although he didn't know why.

"Looks like a puddle or something, doesn't it?" Windheart asked as his pelt touched Snowpaw's for a moment. Snowpaw blinked, and then nodded; the wind rippled over the grass much like it would a puddle, sending ripples through the surface. It was pretty, in a strange sort of way.

"Let's go into the field," Windheart said softly. Snowpaw looked at him in surprise. "Just a feeling," Windheart said by way of explanation, and began slinking into the thick grass. Snowpaw hesitated, and then decided to heed the older warrior's instincts. He followed him into the grass.

"Your nose is better than mine," Windheart whispered. "You'll smell them before I can hear them, and you'll see them before me too. If you do, tell me, but be silent about it."

Snowpaw nodded in understanding, and the two of them crept through the grass, slinking along with their bellies close to the ground and their paws light. Snowpaw stiffened suddenly, and his pelt rippled like the grass around them as he caught a strange scent on the breeze. Snowpaw opened his mouth, trying to catch every drop of scent. Yes, there was Nightpaw – the sweet scent of rain from the ferns still on his fur – and other cats too, cats that stank of Twoleg messes and Twoleg streets. Snowpaw wrinkled his nose.

"City cats," he whispered to Windheart. "Not Pride cats."

Windheart's eyes widened. "Any that we know?"

"No," Snowpaw started to say, but changed his reply to a "Yes," as a familiar scent made his eyes widened. "Ottertail!"

Windheart stared at Snowpaw in disbelief. "What?"

"Ottertail, I can smell him! He's with them, he must have taken Nightpaw to them!" Snowpaw's eyes were wide.

"We have to rescue them, they must have been captured," Windheart growled. Before Snowpaw could object – there had been no city scents in the forest, or signs of capture – Windheart lunged forward through the grass, forcing Snowpaw to follow.

The street cats had made a camp of their own by flattening down the grass, as Snowpaw's family had done when they lived there. The cats turned towards them as Windheart barged into their camp. There were three cats, all toms, and Ottertail and Nightpaw. Nightpaw looked delighted to see his friends, and none the worse for wear. Ottertail looked pleased, but nervous.

"What are you doing here? This is our territory!" Windheart spat.

Two of the stranger cats turned towards the third, a black cat. He was very small, apprentice sized, with one white paw and bright amber eyes.

"You never marked this territory," Snowpaw read the little cat's lips, and from the way Windheart flinched, he knew the stranger's voice was unpleasant to the ears. "The field belongs to no cat. We don't want it anyway; we're here to learn."

Windheart's eyes widened, and he seemed to recognize the cat. Snowpaw rested his tail against the golden tom's flank as he spoke.

"Ruin," Windheart whispered, disbelief evident in the rumbles. Snowpaw's eyes widened. Ruin, the boss of the city! He realized. He's…he's a legend! And a killer, too. A chill washed over Snowpaw's pelt, although he wasn't sure if it was from the thought or the cold look in the cat's eyes.

"W-what are you doing here?" Windheart stammered.

"First, take us to your camp," Ruin directed. "Then we can speak with your leader."

Windheart glanced at Snowpaw.

"It's alright," Nightpaw said cheerily, "these guys are cool. They're full of stories!"

The other two toms, both huge mountains compared to Nightpaw, did not look 'cool' to Snowpaw. Still, he shrugged.

"If they meant harm, they could have hurt Nightpaw," he said. "They didn't, and if they want to meet peacefully, it should be allowed."

Windheart eyed Ruin distrustfully. "Fine," he growled, and flicked his tail. "Come with us."

Windheart led Ruin, Nightpaw, Ottertail, Snowpaw, and the two other city toms back to Lightning's camp. Lightning was waiting there for him. From the flicker in his amber eyes, Snowpaw knew Lightning was worried, but none of the other cats had noticed. Snowpaw looked for help – he couldn't read everyone's mouth at once. It was not Frostpaw that padded towards him, as usual, but Mossflower.

"Need some help?" she whispered, and Snowpaw nodded. They sat down together, pelts touching, to watch.

"Why have you brought these strangers to our camp?" Lightning asked, glancing at Windheart and Snowpaw.

"They had Nightpaw, and Ottertail too," Windheart said to his leader, before turning to the city cats. "We were hoping you might tell us why that was?"

"Otter is one of my loyal followers," Ruin rasped. Ottertail shuffled his paws, and Snowpaw thought he saw shame in the brown warrior's eyes. "He was allowed to live in the park to send us information; it is fertile ground, and draws many cats. Through him and many other cats, I learn many things about the cats I rule. When you came to him and spoke of your 'Clans' and your 'nine lives', he came and told me. I sent him to come with you, and be my eyes. At every quarter moon, he has been reporting to us. We have been in your field for many days; tonight is the full moon, a fitting time for us to show ourselves finally. We sent Otter – or Ottertail? – to find Nightpaw. We knew it would lure to our territory; if we invaded yours, you would attack, but if you came to us first we could speak."

"What do you want?" Lightning asked with a furious glare towards Ottertail, indicating that there would be trouble for the sleek warrior later.

"We wish to learn your Clan ways," Ruin said, blinking calmly. "Life in the city is hard, for many cats, including myself. I am not the same cat as my father; I want to lead my subjects, not tyrannize them. With Clan ways, we could ensure more of us life longer, more meaningful lives."

Snowpaw could tell Lightning was surprised; he hadn't expected such a noble goal from such hardened cats.

"How do you intend to learn?" Lightning asked suspiciously.

"Would you allow us to live in camp?" Ruin asked. Lightning's face betrayed his answer, and Ruin smiled. "I thought not," he said. "What if we remained in the field, visiting each day to simply observe Clan life?"

"How can you learn the warrior code through mere observation?" Windheart demanded. "You have to live it to understand it. Before I came to live here, I thought I was living. Now I know I was merely surviving before. Here, I have purpose. You can't discover purpose through observing."

Ruin's eyes glittered. "You're much cockier here than in Twolegplace," he growled, and for a moment his eyes gleamed dangerously. Windheart didn't falter.

"How can we trust that you won't bring more warriors?" Lightning asked. Ruin smirked.

"Our cats are many, more than you could hope to fight," he replied. "If we wanted, we could have simply taken all we desired and killed every last cat. Instead, we come to learn. Why will you not trust us?"

Lightning still looked distrustful, and Snowpaw understood how he felt. Are these cats the danger the white she-cat warned me of? Snowpaw wondered. They sound earnest…but is it only a deception, an act?

Just then, Leafshine and Rainpaw entered camp.

"What's going on?" Leafshine asked, puzzled. Rainpaw looked unsurprised, and Snowpaw realized that he was in on the entire thing. In fact, he seemed to greet the other two rogues with friendliness.

"Crunch, Batter," he said to them, and they nodded to him. Both toms were dark tabbies with dull amber eyes.

Lightning glanced at Snowpaw, silently asking for help. Snowpaw realized that Lightning still felt insecure, uncertain of his own power. It was natural; StarClan still hadn't appeared to him, for whatever reason. Snowpaw simply stared blankly back; Lightning had to make his own decisions and rule as he had during the warriors ceremony, if he wanted to prove his own power.

"We will discuss this for a moment, with the rest of my Clan," Lightning said finally. "Ottertail, show them to my den, please."

Ottertail hastened to oblige, and Ruin, Crunch, and Batter followed him.

"What do we think of these cats?" Lightning said finally.

"Throw them out," Windheart growled, his fur ruffled. "They're nothing but trouble."

"They're not that bad!" Rainpaw and Nightpaw both said together. "They're a little rough, but nice enough," Rainpaw said, embarrassed as all eyes turned on him.

"You knew about this?" Leafshine demanded, livid with anger. Rainpaw's ears flattened.

"Ottertail took me to meet them once, okay?" he admitted. "They were okay, but he made me promise not to tell. It was only yesterday!"

Leafshine licked her chest to calm herself down, but her fur remained ruffled. Rainpaw shuffled his paws, looking almost ashamed.

"I think they're okay," Nightpaw said uncertainly.

"We can't trust them," Stoneclaw said flatly.

The other cats were silent, until Cricketpaw said,

"Any cat that wants to learn the warrior code should be able to."

The tabby apprentice flushed as the Clan turned to him. "I-I mean, isn't that what this whole thing is about?" the shy apprentice stammered. "We all came together and proved that no matter what kind of cats you are or where you came from, you can become Clan cats."

"You don't know Ruin," Windheart spat. "He rules his cats with a stone paw; he's not a tyrant turned soft, he's a tyrant through and through!"

"Cricketpaw's right," Snowpaw said, and his blue gaze met Lightning's. "We don't know their motivation. If they want to learn it, they should be able to. What harm could it do?

"Don't let them make camp in the field, though, they'll go unnoticed. Make it somewhere in the forest, where we'll be able to track them, and let them know that if their scent disappears because its hidden, or appears somewhere it shouldn't, that's the end of that," Snowpaw continued. Lightning nodded slowly, mulling over Snowpaw's ideas.

"We'll do that," he said finally. "I'll go tell them."

"No need," Ruin said smoothly, padding forward. "It's easy to hear from within your den. Thank you for your hospitality, Lightning; we ask only one more favor. Could we sleep here tonight? It's much too late to be building a nest now."

Lightning hesitated.

"They can sleep in the medicine den," Snowpaw offered. "It'll be a little cramped, but its better than nothing. Lightkit's out, right?" he asked Cricketpaw, who nodded.

Ruin dipped his head, padding to the den Snowpaw indicated with his tail. Crunch settled down on the left side outside the den, Batter on the right, like bodyguards, although Ruin had given no order that Snowpaw could see.

"That's that, then," Lightning said tiredly. "It's late, everyone. We should rest; dawn is nearly here, and we must still send out patrols later." Lightning said something to Mudstripe in a hushed tone – Snowpaw thought he caught the words 'patrol' and 'field' on Lightning's mouth – before turning and padding wearily into his den. The other cats followed suit, although they all gave the medicine den and the new cats within it a wide berth.

How much can change in one simple day? In one simple night? Snowpaw wondered tiredly, as he settled down in his nest. Frostpaw was no longer sleeping next to him; she had shifted her den slightly while he was looking for Nightpaw, so that she was close to Rainpaw. He now had no one on that side, and it made him feel lonely.

The loneliness followed him into his dreams.

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