Snatched: The Story of Snowkit

Snowkit was always assumed dead by ThunderClan. But what if he wasn't? What if StarClan took him away from the Clan that would have never given him a chance? What if he had a greater destiny than anyone in ThunderClan could have believed?


3. Names

Snowkit woke up again some time later, blinking slowly as he remembered where he was. He glanced at Moss, and found himself smiling slightly, before gently pulling away from her and heading towards the light. He reached the entrance of the den he had been sleeping in, and stretched, feeling pain dig its claws into his back. He sat down, wincing as more pain flowed through him, before surveying his new home carefully.

It was a little camp in the forest, not unlike ThunderClan's camp. However, this one was slightly strange; large square rocks were scattered everywhere, in piles and in strange straight structures in some places. They reminded Snowkit of the Twoleg nests he had seen before. It defined the boundaries of the camp, and the fallen wooden beams provided some shelter, Snowkit guessed. The dens were nothing more than holes dug into the ground, near the stone walls.

He felt something touching him gently, and turned, realizing Moss's nose had nudged him so she could get out of the den as well.

She mouthed something, and Snowkit moved his tail to her throat.

"Sorry I startled you," she said again, and Snowkit shrugged. Moss pointed her nose towards a large mound of stones in the center of the camp, indicating that he should head there. Snowkit sat down in front of it, reminded of the HighRock from his home.

He could see other cats emerging from dens as well, including the golden tabby; Lightning, Moss's mate. The name suited him; the white cat he had walked with in his dreams had pointed out a storm on the horizon, and taught him the words that went along with it. Lightning looked like his namesake; bright, wild, and fierce, his golden pelt so thick he looked like a lion ready for the hunt. Snowkit felt a glow in his chest. He wanted to be like Lightning.

Snowkit kept his tail at Moss's throat as she walked towards Lightning.

"Lightning," she said softly, "we have a son."

Lightning's amber eyes strayed down towards Snowkit. He seemed confused, bemused. There was a flash of something in his amber eyes – resentment? – but he simply nodded. He mouthed something that Snowkit recognized – "Welcome" – and Snowkit returned the greeting with a slight smile. Lightning seemed surprised.

"He knows some words," Moss explained, "and he can listen to us by feeling what we say." She motioned towards Snowkit's tail with her own.

Lightning said something, and Moss turned to Snowkit. "He wants you to do it with him too," she explained. Snowkit blinked, and then nodded, moving his tail to Lightning instead.

"Can you understand me this way?" Lightning asked.

"Can you understand me this way?" Snowkit repeated, and Lightning smiled.

"This one could teach young Frost a thing or two, eh?" he asked Moss, who nodded.

"Frost?" Snowkit echoed.

"You need to meet the others," Lightning said, before moving away from Snowkit without warning. Snowkit's tail drooped to the ground. Lightning padded tot eh top of the pile of rocks, and yowled something. Snowkit could feel the rumbles of his yowl in his paws, although he couldn't understand what Lightning was saying. Moss gently took Snowkit's tail in her paws and moved it towards her throat.

"He's calling the others to assemble," she explained. The cats Snowkit had seen earlier – the tom with an ear and a half, the dark gray tom, the young tabby, the white she-cat, and her three kits. Lightning was speaking to them. "He's explaining that you are deaf; they aren't surprised," Moss continued, "and he wants them all to introduce themselves to you."

Snowkit swallowed nervously. He had never met very many cats when he was young; his deafness had been a secret, and most warriors weren't interested in any kits but their own.

The first cat was the tabby tom with bright yellow eyes, and half of one ear missing. His muzzle was heavily scarred, and he glanced at Moss.

"Tail," Moss told Snowkit, and he obediently touched his tail to the tom's throat.

The tom blinked at him, uncertainty in his yellow eyes. "My name is Mud," he said slowly, making Snowkit slightly angry. My brain isn't slow, I just can't hear! He thought, but didn't dare say anything; his slurred speech often made cats think the contrary.

"Mud," he repeated carefully, and the tabby nodded, although he didn't smile.

"I'm second in command here," Mud said with a slight growl in his voice. Snowkit nodded quickly; Mud unnerved him slightly. Neither Mud nor Lightning were cats that Snowkit should mess with.

Mud moved away quickly, and the dark gray tom that had found Snowkit with Moss moved forward. However, the young tabby darted in front of him, stopping him in his tracks. She grinned at Snowkit eagerly. Snowkit obligingly put his tail to her throat.

"I'm Tabby," the she-cat purred. She seemed to radiate an inextinguishable energy. Strange name, Snowkit thought, but it suits her, certainly. "I was a kittypet," Tabby said by way of explanation. Snowkit blinked. He wasn't quite sure what a kittypet was, but one of the ginger toms in ThunderClan was called one a lot; he could tell from the mouth-movements. It seemed to be an insult, but Tabby appeared to be fine with it. Snowkit nodded slowly, and Tabby flashed him a quick grin before padding away. I like her, I think, Snowkit thought, feeling pleased.

The dark gray tom approached then, and Snowkit learned that his name was Slate. He had a low, gravelly voice, and Tabby came back to play with his tail while Slate was speaking. She seemed almost to be his apprentice, for Snowkit watched as she followed Slate around, but at the same time he treated her as an equal. Strange, Snowkit reflected, before turning his attention to the white queen.

She was very soft-spoken, and quietly told him that her name was Gleam. It matched her white coat, certainly. She was nervous about letting her kits 'speak' with him, but the white kit with the mismatched eyes was very eager.

"I'm Frost," she told Snowkit with a bright smile. "I'm like you."

Snowkit blinked with surprise. "Deaf?" he inquired.

Frost pointed to one of her ears, the one that went along with her blue eye, and nodded. "One ear only, though," she said. "I can hear just fine with the green-eyed ear. Weird, eh?"

Snowkit blinked slowly. So…if I had an eye of a different color, I'd be able to hear, at least partly? He wondered. He smiled at Frost. Her name reminded him of one of the queens, Frostfur, who also had blue eyes. Frost, however, seemed cheerful and happy, while Frostfur had been sorrowful and quiet. Snowkit had never known why.

Frost soon moved to the side to allow her siblings to speak with Snowkit. One was a large gray tabby named Rain. He didn't seem impressed by Snowkit at all; he simply stated his name and moved along. The other kit was another tom, a tiny brown kit with wide green eyes named Cricket. He was very nervous and shook slightly when Snowkit touched him, speaking his name quickly before retreating back towards his mother.

Moss motioned for his tail, and Snowkit gave it to her.

"What's your name?" she asked. "Now you know ours, but we still don't know yours yet."

Snowkit smiled. There was one word he had always known; his own name. His mother had made sure that he had known it and that he could recognize it when other cats said it.

"Snowkit," he purred, and Moss blinked.

"Snowkit," she echoed, and for the first time it sounded as if she was the deaf one, and not him. "Interesting…strange name, though, huh? Still, I like it." She smiled at him. Snowkit found himself smiling back. Moss reminded him of his mother, but in a good way; she was kind and caring just like Speckletail had been.

He felt something touch his ear and he turned, blinking at Frost. She said something that he couldn't quite hear, but her body language was quite clearly saying, Want to play?

Snowkit grinned and copied her, crouching down. She pawed at him, testing him, before leaping forward. He rose up on his hind paws to meet her as she flew through the air towards him, and they tumbled down together. The two of them wrestled for a moment with Moss watching, fondness in her eyes. Finally, Frost and Snowkit broke apart from one another, both wearing identical grins. Frost grabbed Snowkit's tail in her mouth and spoke, and although the rumbles were a little hard to detect, he knew exactly what she was saying,


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