Snatched: The Story of Snowkit

Snowkit was always assumed dead by ThunderClan. But what if he wasn't? What if StarClan took him away from the Clan that would have never given him a chance? What if he had a greater destiny than anyone in ThunderClan could have believed?


2. Mother

Snowkit felt a gentle nudge on his side – from a nose? Blearily, he blinked slowly, into the gentle face of a silver she-cat. Her eyes were wide and green, and seemed to radiate kindness.

She mouthed something, but Snowkit's foggy mind couldn't process the movements. She frowned, and said it again, but Snowkit didn't understand. Then, another face appeared in his sight; the face of a dark gray tom with amber eyes. Sudden understanding flickered through his eyes, and he said something to the she-cat. Her eyes flickered as well, and suddenly her face looked sorrowful. She gazed at Snowkit with pity. Snowkit realized they both knew he was deaf, and he felt strangely ashamed.

It isn't my fault, he wanted to say, but he didn't know how. It isn't my fault.

He could feel the she-cat touching his back gently, examining it. She said something to the tom, and he nodded slowly, before reaching down to pick Snowkit up by his scruff. Pain lanced up Snowkit's back as he moved; he let out a cry, before going limp as darkness clouded his vision.

* * *

When he came to again, there were more cats, many of them, standing in a semi-circle and looking down at him. There was a magnificent golden tabby with amber eyes, a dark tabby tom with yellow eyes and half of one ear missing, and another smaller tabby female with sparkling green eyes.

That wasn't all of the cats present, however, Snowkit soon realized. There was also a white she-cat with timid green eyes, curled around three kits; Snowkit could barely see a hint of brown and a patch of silver fur. There was a third kit, a white one with mismatched eyes; one was green, the other blue. Her gaze was so intense that it was all Snowkit could look at for several moments. Then, finally, he returned his gaze to the others surrounding him.

The golden tabby appeared to be the leader, for the two cats that had found Snowkit were speaking to him. The gray tabby seemed to be pleading, and there was a fondness in the golden tabby's eyes that told Snowkit the two were very close. Finally, he gazed upon Snowkit, and said something that Snowkit couldn't hear. The she-cat appeared to be slightly relieved, but worry still touched her face, as she licked Snowkit's head gently.

The she-cat said something to the dark gray tom who had carried Snowkit back. The tom nodded slowly and motioned for the other, smaller she-cat to follow him. They disappeared into the forest, soon returning with cobwebs clutched into their mouths, along with strange flowers. The green-eyed she-cat chewed the flowers up and applied them to Snowkit's back; he had to grit his teeth against the pain. Then the cobwebs went on, binding his wounds, and Snowkit let out a sigh of relief. A little round seed was pushed towards him, and the she-cat motioned for him to eat it. Snowkit did, chewing the hard little seed before swallowing. Almost immediately the pain went away, but he also felt weary. His eyelids drooped, and for the first time since the hawk attacked him, he went to sleep without pain.

He was walking in a bright forest, a dazzling forest, a forest that reminded him of his ThunderClan home. He felt suddenly sad, and his tail drooped. He came to a stop and sat down, then blinked in surprise as the movement caused him no pain. He found himself smiling.

Then, a strange sound made its way to his ears. It was sweet and changing from high to low rapidly.

"Singing," he heard a voice say, and a beautiful white she-cat strode out of the bushes towards him. Her blue eyes were dazzling as she smiled. "Beautiful, isn't it?"

Snowkit blinked at her, until it hit him; he could hear her! He could understand her! Snowkit's jaw dropped, and he let out a cry of joy, letting out another as he realized he could hear it as well.

The she-cat watched him, a gentle smile curving her already-beautiful muzzle. "You were deaf your entire life, weren't you?" she asked. "Here, you can hear. You can hear everything."

Were am I? Snowkit tried to ask, but it came out garbled and distorted. He tried again several times, while the she-cat waited patiently.

"You're in StarClan, dear," she said. "You aren't dead, never fear; you won't join your warrior ancestors for many moons. You are only here in your dreams now, you see."

Snowkit blinked at her, confused.

"You have a great destiny, Snowkit," the she-cat continued, "a destiny that you could never find in ThunderClan. They would never have trusted you with training of any sort. You will have a new life with these cats."

"Destiny?" Snowkit echoed, trying to copy her mouth-movements. It sounded strange, but she seemed to understand.

"Destiny," she repeated. "More will become clear to you in time, Snowkit, but for now we have work to do. You need to learn to speak during life, when you cannot hear. Tonight I am going to teach you many words; pay attention." She got to her paws and began padding away. Snowkit realized he was supposed to follow her, and he did so quickly, eager to be close to her beautiful form. She held the same beauty that his mother held, in his eyes at least, and he found himself loving her for it.

"There are many ways for you to communicate," the she-cat explained. "There." She pointed at a leaf. "That is a leaf," she said, and said the word several more times. Snowkit watched her closely. "Now, put your tail to my throat," she commanded. Snowkit did obediently, and she said the word again, until Snowkit had memorized the rumbles that went with it, as well as the mouth-movements. Finally, the she-cat made an odd sort of sign with her paw, a sort of dipping motion. "That is the sign for leaf," she explained. "Learn it and teach the other cats you will be with. Use the voice-rumbles and mouth-movements along with the signs, and the cats will know what you mean to say."

Snowkit nodded slowly, and the she-cat smiled. She let him through the forest, pointing out things and teaching him the names of them. She taught him other things too, connecting words that would allow him to make complete thoughts when he spoke. By the time he stopped his head was so full of new words he thought it might explode from it all.

"I'll be back again soon," she said softly, "but it is time for you to wake up. Good luck." She smiled at him and then padded away. Snowkit tried to follow her, but it seemed that the more he tried, the farther away she got, until the entire forest began to dissolve around him.

Snowkit awoke and blinked, feeling a bit panicked as he realized he had no idea where he was. Then, his breathing eased as the cat next to him blinked awake. It was the same gray she-cat that had found him and tended to his wounds. She blinked at him for a moment, her green eyes round with concern. Her mouth moved, but Snowkit couldn't hear what she said. Sorrow swept through him, as he realized he had lost his hearing again. Somehow, after hearing the birds sing, these new silence was even worse than before.

He moved slightly, wincing at the pain in his back, until he could touch her throat with his tail. She seemed puzzled for a moment.

"What are you doing?" the she-cat asked, and Snowkit smiled as he realized he could understand her.

"What are you doing?" he asked her back, grinning. He knew it probably sounded a bit strange, but the words must have been right, for her eyes widened as she realized he was actually making words.

"Can you hear me?" she asked. Snowkit shook his head, and twitched his tail at her throat. She smiled, as she suddenly understood.

"You're listening that way, eh?" she asked, and let out a rumbling purr. Snowkit felt a glow of joy as he felt her purr; it was a strange thing, that feeling, but it reminded him of his mother. Suddenly the smile slide from his mother and he laid back down on the ground, his shoulders slumped.

"What is it?" the she-cat asked, blinking at him.

"Mother," Snowkit replied, and her eyes softened.

"Maybe we can find her?" the she-cat asked, Snowkit shook his head.

"Far away," he said. "Hawk."

The she-cat blinked for a moment, and then her eyes widened. "A hawk? You were stolen by a hawk?" she asked, surprised. "How did you escape? Oh, no wonder those cuts were so bad. Your mother is probably miles away, oh…."

Snowkit turned away from her, although his tail remained touching her throat.

"Well then dear, I'll be your mother," the she-cat said. Snowkit turned to her, surprised. Her eyes were gentle.

"I'm already expecting kits, you see," she said softly, and for the first time Snowkit noticed that she was rather plump. Did plumpness equal kits?

"You'll just be one of them, then," she continued. "I'm sure you'll be happy here. Lightning is the father, and a great leader for all of us. You'll see." She pulled him closer to her with one paw. "My name is Moss," she said, looking down at him with great kindness in her green eyes. "Do you understand?"

"Moss," Snowkit whispered, and then, thinking of Speckletail, "Mother."

Moss licked him gently. "You're safe with me," she whispered, and pulled him closer to her, tucking him beside her warm body.

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