Snatched: The Story of Snowkit

Snowkit was always assumed dead by ThunderClan. But what if he wasn't? What if StarClan took him away from the Clan that would have never given him a chance? What if he had a greater destiny than anyone in ThunderClan could have believed?


4. Battle

He was in the forest again, bouncing along, listening eagerly to the sounds. This time he recognized the birdsong, and this made him very happy. He looked around eagerly, looking for the white she-cat. Soon enough she appeared, looking like a ghost in the forest as she padded towards him.

"Well done, Snowkit," she purred. "You are integrating yourself into the group well."

Snowkit smiled at her. "More words?" he asked quickly, and the she-cat laughed.

"Of course," she purred, and flicked her tail, leading him on.

This time, he learned more than words for touchable things, and connecting words. This time he learned words for doing things, and words for imaginable things, like 'love', 'loss', and 'hope'. These words all keenly reminded Snowkit of his current situation. Finally, noticing how troubled he looked, the she-cat stopped and blinked at him.

"What is it?" she asked.

"When will I go home?" Snowkit asked quietly. "To ThunderClan?"

The she-cat was silent for a moment. "You have a great destiny where you are now, Snowkit," she said finally."You won't be going back to ThunderClan."

Snowkit's eyes widened. "But…but I see Mother, right?" he asked desperately. "I see Mother?"

The she-cat looked away from him, and Snowkit had his answer. He took a step back, feeling full of hurt. His heart constricted with pain. "Mother," he whispered.

"Moss will be your mother now," the she-cat said softly. "She will have to do. She is a great cat, and although she is not your mother, your mother will be fine in ThunderClan. You'll see her in StarClan someday, Snowkit."

"Why?" Snowkit choked out, past the lump building in his throat. "Why? Why did StarClan steal me?"

The she-cat closed her blue eyes, and for the first time, Snowkit didn't want to see her, didn't want to hear her. He didn't want to hear these things; the very idea that he might never see Speckletail again made him want to collapse from the pain of it. Snowkit turned and ran away, without waiting for the she-cat's answer. He ran as quickly as he could, ignoring her cry behind him, until his hearing began fading away with the forest….

Snowkit opened his eyes, and shuddered from his nose down to his tail. It caused him less pain than usual – his back was healing – but at the same time, his heart felt raw. Moss yawned slowly and blinked down at him. She grasped his tail gently in her mouth, tucking it under her chin.

"What's wrong?" she asked. Snowkit shook his head, resting it on his paws. Moss licked his tail.

"If we could find the way back to your home, we would take you there," she said softly. "I'm sorry, Snowkit."

He nodded slowly. He knew she was sorry. That didn't help him any. He closed his eyes, silently hating them. Why couldn't they have been amber, or green or yellow? They could have been a mixture of purple and orange and he wouldn't have minded, so long as he could hear!

He felt Moss move slightly and lick his head. She rested her muzzle against his shoulder. "I care about you, Snowkit," she said softly, before rising to her paws. She touched his tail with her muzzle again. "I'll be back soon." She turned, padding towards the entrance of the den, before freezing. Her ears pricked, and her eyes widened with alarm. She shouted something, something that Snowkit could barely feel rumbling his paws. Fearfully, he moved backwards, to the back of the den, where he crouched, eyes wide as Moss's ears flattened and she let out a hiss. Her eyes slid to him, then to whatever lay outside the den, and then back to him again, as if she was making some sort of decision. Finally, she bristled her fur, and seemed to take up the entire entrance; whatever was happening, she was going to defend him.

Snowkit sat there, frozen, watching Moss's green eyes dart around as she apparently watched some sort of scene. He wasn't sure what was happening, but whatever it was, it was clearly bad for her teeth were drawn back in a fierce snarl.

And then, suddenly, the little light in the den vanished as a massive figure blocked it out. Moss drew back, snarling, and lashed out at the cat who was attempting to get past her, into the den. It was a black tom with a scarred muzzle, and wild amber eyes. Moss slashed at his face savagely, and he drew back, spitting. Snowkit closed his eyes, curling into a ball; if Moss lost, he could do nothing against the tom, and since he couldn't hear it, he could pretend it wasn't happening, that it was all some mistake, or dream….

He clenched his eyes closed, bracing himself for a sharp bite to the neck, or some other killing blow. None were forthcoming, however, and so he finally opened his eyes to see Moss leaning against the den, panting, bloody, but with a triumphant glow in her eyes as she watched whatever enemies had been in camp flee.

Snowkit quivered as Moss turned to him. She licked his ear.

"Are you alright?" she murmured, resting her muzzle on his head. Snowkit nodded quickly, and Moss glanced at the entrance to the den. "Come on, let's make sure no one was hurt."

Snowkit followed her cautiously out of the den. Lightning turned to Moss, relief evident on his face when he saw she was alright, save for a slash on her muzzle and a bite on one shoulder. He glanced at Snowkit, and again something strange flitted over his face before disappearing. Snowkit glanced around quickly, sizing up the damage elsewhere. Slate's fur was hanging off of his shoulders in clumps, and Tiger had a freely bleeding wound on his side. Tabby's ear was torn and her nose was bleeding, and Gleam's left paw was being held up to her chest protectively, as if it was hurt. Lightning shook his golden fur, and blood flew in every direction, as Snowkit realized his nose was also slashed, and there was a long gash on his side. Still, everyone seemed alright, for the most part.

Moss limped around the camp, carefully nosing everyone over to find the worst wounds. Then, she disappeared down a small den Snowkit hadn't spotted before, returning with a clump of cobwebs and bright petals in her mouth. Swiftly and efficiently, she tended to the wounds of the other cats, before finally tending to her own wounds. Many of the cats looked calm, as if this sort of thing happened often; only Gleam looked nervous, her eyes darting around every which way.

Snowkit looked around for Gleam's three kits, and found them near her den; Cricket looked scared out of his fur, Rain was calm and cool, and Frost looked excited. She shouted something at Snowkit as he approached, and then looked embarrassed as she remembered his disability. She waited for him to put his tail to her throat before she spoke again.

"What a battle!" she exclaimed, looking around the camp at the blood and fur with awe. "That wasn't the best yet, one of the others was pretty good, but this one was cool too. There were more of this time."

"More who?" Snowkit asked, choosing his words and rumbles carefully. Frost blinked in surprise.

"Oh, I forgot you don't know these things," she said, and smiled. "Well you see, Lightning's group – ours – has lived here for some time. My mother joined recently with us because she couldn't keep journeying in the condition she was in – she was wounded – and Cricket here was sick. So Lightning let her stay and eventually she decided to stay here permanently. Anyway, Lightning and Moss have been here for some time, and the others gradually joined too. However, this is prime territory, and another cat wants it. No one knows where she comes from, but she calls herself Fear, and she leads a 'Pride' of ruthless, murderous cats. They want our territory, and they attack and ambush us a lot. Most of us are used to it but Mother's really nervous, since we're still pretty new." She beamed at Snowkit, as if she had just told him that newleaf was going to last all year.

"Who are the other cats?" he asked. This time, Rain spoke, and Snowkit had to move his tail to Rain quickly to catch it.

"—know them all," Rain was saying, "and like Frost said, there are a couple new ones I don't recognize. Her group is growing all the time, it seems. The ones we know are Fear, a huge black tom, an almost-as-big gray tom, a tabby she-cat, and a skinny black tom. There's two more that we've seen now, though, a big scarred tom and another she-cat."

Snowkit nodded slowly. Cricket was trembling, and seemed about to speak, so Snowkit quickly switched to him.

"They're all crazy," Cricket whispered, quivering. "Fear isn't, but she's vicious…but the others, yes, all crazy. All of them!" His green eyes were huge in his tiny head. Rain curled his tail protectively around his small brother.

Snowkit was quiet, musing over the new information. This place might be more dangerous than he had though.

Frost nudged him sharply, and Snowkit turned to see Lightning striding towards them. Snowkit offered his tail, but Lightning flicked his, summoning for Snowkit to follow him. Moss was looking Tiger over again, and didn't notice as Lightning stalked into the forest, with Snowkit trailing behind him.

Lightning turned on Snowkit almost as immediately, once they were out of earshot. His eyes flashed, and Snowkit nervously offered his tail.

"Listen up, and listen well," Lightning growled, "or do whatever it is that you do. You can't stay here, understand? Moss could have been killed because of you, trapped in that den! She would have died to protect you instead of staying alive for our kits." Lightning's own tail lashed while Snowkit's trembled. "You're useless. At least Frost has one good ear…but you! You couldn't see an attack coming from a fox-length away! Moss told me you didn't even know what was going on until that big brute attacked her."

Snowkit was reeling with hurt, as Lightning drew closer to him.

"Read my lips," Lightning growled. "Run away. And I don't want you ever coming back." He unsheathed his claws. "I'm going to have to say you wandered away and didn't hear me call, and fell into the claws of one of Fear's brutes. I'll need blood to make it convincing…so get out of here before I use yours." Lightning turned away from him. Full of fear and hurt, Snowkit hesitated – and then fled for his life.

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