Saved by... them?


1. Chapter One

Maria's POV

I woke up to my alarm blaring and I knew that it had been blaring for about a minute. 'Great, dad's awake I bet..' I jump out of bed and walk to my drawers, looking for some black jeans. I slide them on then put on a black sports bra and a 5sos sweatshirt.

I go to the bathroom and braid my hair then brush my teeth and do some light makeup. I look in disgust at the bruises from last night.

After finishing in the bathroom, I grab my bag and phone then walk downstairs. Dad is in the kitchen drinking some coffee and I try to sneak past him.

"Slut get back here right now. You woke me up." I sigh and walk over. "I'm sorry dad, I really didn't-" I get cut off by a punch to the gut.

"Bend over the table." I shake my head furiously. "No! Please?!" He shoves me down and pulls on my braid, whispering in my ear.

"You know you enjoy me doing this. You love when I come and beat your ass for being a slut." I swallow hard to keep the vomit in my throat. He always does this!

Wait. You don't know who I am! Well I'm Maria Anderson. I'm 17 and I live with my abusive dad, Andrew. My mom passed away two years ago from cancer. Since then my dad always abuses me for it.

I'm 5'2 with long blonde hair and icy blue eyes. We live in Australia so I am pretty tan. I have a slim body but I'm extremely fit. Yeah, that's me I guess.

I feel him push up my sweatshirt and I shiver at his cold hands. "Now, why don't you tell daddy why you woke him up this morning? Were you wanting a punishment?" He smirks and traces his fingers along my stomach.

"Dad please.." I grip the table as he grabs his coffee mug, putting the burning base on my back. I shriek. "Quiet!" He shouts into my ear.

I feel the air before I feel the slap, and he slaps me on the stomach. The coffee spills slightly and burns my skin. He brings his hands down on my ass this time, spanking me hard. I squeal and bite my lip, hoping he didn't hear. He chuckles darkly and does it again.

As he picks up the coffee mug, the phone rings, scaring us both. He drops the mug and it slams against my spine, the coffee spilling all over me. I know better to not scream so I quickly stand up and run upstairs, slamming my bedroom door.

I change into some new jeans, dark blue this time and a new shirt. I choose to just slip on a white tshirt and a sweater over it. I grab my bag and jump out the window.

I grab my skateboard and start riding to school, ignoring the burn on my back.

When I get to the school I quickly walk to my locker, seeing some new guys leaning against it.

"Excuse me? Could you please move?" I keep my aggressive tone down and be nice, knowing that they are new. They blush lightly and back away. "Sorry miss. I'm Ashton by the way. This is Luke, Micheal, and Calum." I smile and wave, opening my locker.

"I'm Maria. Did you guys just transfer here?" I tighten my braid as I speak, making sure no bruises are shown. They all nod and Micheal and Luke walk away, going to the office.

I look at the two boys in front of me and quickly scan my eyes across their bodies. They do the same to me and smile. "Would you mind showing Calum and I to our class?" I nod and set my bag in my locker, grabbing my books and starting to walk. Here goes another terrible day.

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