my life is kinda interesting i guess | trans boy diaries

i'm asher and i'm often told that my life is really chill, which it can be mostly, but it can get hectic and weird sometimes. so my logic is to write it down and post it for everyone on the internet can see.


1. [entry 1] a lil introduction

hey hi hello,

my name is asher. i'm a transgender boy, he/him pronouns. single, pansexual, blahblahblah. i'm a writer, usually poetry and short stories (i get bored easily and can never stick to 100+ pages, aha). anyways, writing is a passion of mine and i realized that i never actually talk about myself, because usually, there's a lot to say.

this journal of mine will become a second home to me, including you people reading! so this is gonna be nonfiction, a diary/journal of some sort. instead of sparing you the details of my favorite bands (pierce the veil), movies (like sunday, like rain), and books (fawn by nash summers), i'll be posting things that happen in my life - the things that MATTER.

*ahem* nevertheless, i hope you enjoy.

your friend,


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