What is it?

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  • Published: 12 Mar 2017
  • Updated: 12 Mar 2017
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En one shot story, om en uhyggelig episode, med en morder, og usædvanlige lyde om natten.


1. What is it?

What is it?


I was beginning to hear unusual things at night, it all started after the murder which just happened a few weeks ago, and that was a big deal, because I live in a small innocent town, and there never happens anything, we didn't believe that such an action could happen in this town, and who the murder was does no one know…I think that the sound that I hear at night, just is my imagination and an overreact, because of all the new and all the gossip about the tragic accident, which lead me to the unusual sounds at night.


It is the middle of a cold night I wake up by hearing something disturbing in the basement. I am not sure what it is, but I know there was something down there. It passes my mind that the wind just caught something and caused it to fell from a shelf, and that it just was one of my high pathetic thought. But then I remember, there is no windows down in the basement.


I step outside my bed and run into the kitchen, where the door to the basement is. I am very careful because I don’t want to wake my mom. The house is all quiet. I open the door and take one step at a time down the stairs, very slow and carefully. I feel like someone dragging my feet from under the stairs. I can barely walk. I reach the end of the stairs, and as I stand here, I hear something…something down under the stairs to the basement, exactly like the sound before. My whole body freeze and become cold as ice.


I walk over to the little door that leads down under the stairs in the basement. I grab the handle and open the door. I push the door so hard that it accidently wakes my mom. She shouts at me: "where are you, Anna?". I ignore her and take a step into the small cold room. A shadow appears and the moment I see it I fall... there is nothing wrong with me, all the nights when I am afraid, but keep convincing myself that it just is my overreacted imagination.


I am shocked, and before I know I get pushed down the stairs. I stand up and feel dizzy. I look around but doesn’t see anything, I walk towards the corner and…there he stood, A high broad-shouldered man, with dirt all over his clothes, I can’t recognize him from anywhere, as he stood there with the huge shadow of him reflected beside him. I want to scream but can't the words will not get out of my mouth I am too shocked. The next thing he do is putting a thick scarf around me.

 Eventually it all went black.

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