Roses [Submission for Cover Competition]

<Entry for the cover contest. Will maybe be a thing later IDK>


1. Roses

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Along the dirt path that leads to the North, a garden sits along a river bed. There is no house or cottage for the weary traveler to rest their feet, only a twisting iron gate that yells softly as the wind blows past. It is not on the path, and yet the weary traveler who may choose curiosity over practicality may feel drawn in by the way the iron twists up to the sky like vines. And if that traveler were to push back the weak, rusted iron, they would find themselves at the mouth of a river with sparkling water, flowing gracefully through the garden, pulling them further into the wild garden. Walls of rose bushes seem to grow taller, thorned vines twisting into walls, but the river still does not end. Still glistening, still flowing, the water rushing forward... Forward... Forward. 

Along the dirt path that leads to the North, a garden sits along a river bed, and all those who pass it know not to fall into its jaws- or they will never be seen again. 

But the garden always gets its prey. 

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