Entries From A Blonde

Poems I write. All original. Sorry for the depression


2. Time

     When I think about the time, I think about space. Don't ask me why, I just do. So much time and yet we still can't do anything useful and important. So much time and we chose to waste it with those we hate, those we"can't stand", those that WASTE PRECIOUS TIME. 100 years is a lifetime, but only about 20 is useful, and that's stretching it.

     When you think about life, about 10 years is wasted on learning talk, write, read, manners, and stupid SHIT like that. the next 5-15 are spend in school, where we learn stupid SHIT once again, god forbid you teach us something useful in the retch place. We are up to lets say our 20's, we are about 2 years past living on our own.

     We are now into (for some at least, going based off my mom's experience) children and boyfriend/ husband. you then start to financially fall apart. So, no more trips, your free time is now taken, your friends no longer want to hang because of your kid(s). takes away about 15 years of nothingness really.

     Going into 35-50. Your body isn't what it used to be and your kid(s) are getting older. Doing stuff isn't as easy as it was. Nothing is as fun as when you were a kid. Then immediately going into 50-90 you are falling apart slowly. life isn't easy and you really can't do anything/ you have no one to do it with that is.

Going into death. A.K.A. 90-100 if you make it this far, you are living in assistant living or at least need help with simple tasks. You know you're dying. You're going, going.


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