Entries From A Blonde

Poems I write. All original. Sorry for the depression


12. The Trails

A little short story to lighten up the mood. I hate being so depressing all the time.

I woke up at 5:45ish and immediately started getting dressed. I looked through my wardrobe and chose my black breeches, with a blue top. I head to Malissa's to see if shes up yet. I go to knock and she opens the door. She chose her light breeches that have a bleach stain. We get in my car and head to the barn. When we get to the barn we say hi to the horses and start tacking up. I hear a angry grunt from sapphires stall. "You okay in there?" i ask making sure she isnt in trouble. She responds with, "She thinks she's a giraffe today!" I laugh, I get Whiskey all tacked up and walk him over to Sapphire's stall. Malissa got her saddled but she just wont take the bit. I tie Whiskey to the hay string next to Sapphires stall and help Malissa out. We finally get Sapphire's beautiful bridle on. Malissa always had great taste in tack. We head outside to the indoor arena to get warmed up. We walk to the mounting block and get on. Whiskey, being a young horse, still tries to walk away when I get on. We warm up with a couple rounds around the arena and head outside. The crisp morning air is feels amazing. I love going on trails in the morning, all the wildlife is still out and no one is at the barn yet. The air is a little cold but my black breeches soak up the sun and warm up my legs. We rode for a couple hours until the sun started beating down and we turned around. When we got back to the barn Kaya and Sierra had gotten there and we helped them with all the chores around the barn. 

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