Entries From A Blonde

Poems I write. All original. Sorry for the depression


13. Slam Poem: Summer 2017

They say communication is key. Obviously, that isn't true to you. I know you, I know your tricks, your games, your way of dealing with your problems. It's not the way most would their problems but you aren't most. You are of another breed. You are a coyote in the pack of wild wolves. Roaming free, searching for their next meal. Do you ever wonder when others will spot you out? What will you do? Take them out like you did me? Communication is key, but it is a 2 sided conversation and while one side is building a wall, the other is attempting to smash it down. You are the one building the wall and as I continue to crash into it I scream your name, attempting to get you to listen. but my shoulder is starting to hurt and my body is shutting down. You know i am in pain and work harder at your wall knowing there is no possible way for me to knock it down now. I scream and run at it again and again, trying to get you to stop but you don’t. You won't listen. You continue to box yourself in as I begin to fall. Doesn't it hurt? Don’t you feel the pain of those who try to help? Or are you still the heartless being you've claimed to have abandoned? You say you have changed but you aren’t showing it. You are only showing that you know how to hide yourself better. You can hide yourself more than you did before. You are showing that you believe covering yourself from the world is helping you. How do I communicate through a brick wall of aggravation and self-hate? How do I reach someone who is so lost in their own mask, they don't even realize they have a mask on?

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