Entries From A Blonde

Poems I write. All original. Sorry for the depression


9. Rain

ah, the rain. The smell, the feeling of it on my face, everything about it makes me happy. I can't stand being inside when I hear the rain tapping on the window. Whenever I hear it my heart pounds faster and faster until I step outside and run to the barn. Have you ever had a feeling like that? I think it also helps that by the time the rain starts everyone else at the barn has already packed up and left, the whole barn to myself, it's amazing! My horse Willow and I love to run through the rain until dark when we head back slowly trying to make the moment last longer than it should. She pretends to like it even if she doesn't. That's why I love having her as a friend and horse.  I learn from a young age, at this barn, that when the rain falls, everyone packs up and waits for it to stop. Willow and I take it as a chance to work together alone. She is such a loyal mare, she has always trusted me even when it was something new and scary.

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