Entries From A Blonde

Poems I write. All original. Sorry for the depression


14. Letter to Self

Dear Me,

Don't let yourself look at your past. I know its rough, I know its scary, don't focus on it. Focus on the fact that you made it despite what you thought. Focus on how you got through everything life threw your way and you worked harder than you thought you possibly could to get where you are now. Be proud of yourself. Don't give up there, continue to push yourself to get exactly where you want and past that even. Do your best everyday. Be safe, be smart, be sensible. let yourself be vulnerably. Let yourself get hurt. Learn from it. Get stronger. Don't fall like your good-for-nothing father. You are better, you are stronger, you are smarter. Remember those who look at you funny when they hear who your father is. Shove your success in their face. Prove them he has no effect on you and who you are. You are your own person. Show it. Don't let others control your life like you have let them this far in your life. Most of all;

Don't dig.

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