If Loving Him is Wrong, I Don't Wanna Be Right (Andy's sister x Ashley Purdy)

I’m Raven… Raven Kate Biersack. Sister of Andrew Denis Biersack Singer of Black Veil Brides. NO! I’m not his real sister, I’m his step sister, just because I took my step dad’s last name doesn’t mean I am automatically his real sister. I’m 17 years old and I live with my abusive mom and kind step dad. I’m bisexual. I listen to mostly rock music. My mom and step dad got married when I was 10 and I got used to him. My mom got addicted to drugs and became a drunk when I was 14, that’s when she started beating me...


3. Party Disaster!!!

-Raven's POV-

I go up to my room and start to get ready and for the guys to show up. I sigh lowly as I plot down onto the couch. My head was full of thoughts and wonders. Suddenly my bubble was popped when the door bell started to ring. Andy still must have been getting ready because he hasn't left the bathroom In ages. I get up and go to the door, my long black hair falling over my shoulders. I was wearing my casual clothes, a band T-shirt and some ripped jeans and of course vans. I take a deep breath and slowly open the door. Standing there was CC and Jinxx. Jinxx looks at me with a slight confused, looking around me then he finally says "Is Andy here?" and I sigh lowly and move to the side "He's In the bathroom... hasn't left the damn thing since 9:30..." I walk up to the bathroom door and knock "Andy come on your friends are already here and I need..." He then walks out and looks at me slightly then shoves past me,. My eyes widen and I look at him as he says "Watch where you're going Raven." His voice was so harsh, why was he acting like this... what did I do? I walk Into the bathroom and I grab my perfume. I take one more glance at Andy then I run up to my room and put a few things In my backpack. I put my backpack over my shoulders then run downstairs. Ash and Jake had already made It there by the time I got back downstairs. "I..... I will be back later" I shout to Andy then I mumble "If you even care..." I run out and slam the door hard. I get Into the car Steve bought me and I start driving. Soon enough I make It to a clearing and I park my car and get out. I set up my stuff and I face time with a few friends.


-Andy's POV-

I hear the doorbell ring and I sigh, my hair wasn't ready yet. I hear Jinxx's voice then I hear Raven's voice and I groan. "I hate having to put up this stupid nice act for some girl I don't even care about. Suddenly there Is a knock on  the bathroom and Raven starts to talk, I Ignore what she Is saying and I open the door and shove past her. she lowly growl "Watch where you're going Raven." I go over to Jinxx and CC and we talk about Raven and we laugh. I watch as she runs up the stairs, tears in her eyes. It wasn't too long ago she was calling me her hero and now I've made her cry... Fuck. Ash and Jake get here and I get some beers and set them on the table for the guys. I sip my beer. "God I hate my new sister... I haven't even known her for 5 hours and she already pissed me off." I say to the boys. Soon after me saying that, Raven walks downstairs and says something I didn't bother to listen to. She then slams the door and drives off. I shake my head and look at Ash, his eyes seemed to look like they were sparking as if he were a boy that just say the biggest candy bar in the world. I hit him upside the head and he groans and shakes his head.


-Raven's POV-

I get back after a few hours and I sigh lowly. I look around and see Andy and CC playing pool. Jake and Jinxx were playing beer pong. Ash was playing on the X-Box. I cover my ears because of the loud music. Seeing Andy made me mad for some reason. He make me want to just punch something. I march over to him and grab his shoulder and make him look at me. He smirks and looks at me "what's wrong Raven? Mad?" I groan and slap him hard. I didn't know what came over me but hitting him felt great... until he decided to hit me back... twice as hard. I didn't remember much but I do remember falling to the floor and seeing Ash standing over me, as well as Jinxx while CC and Jake held Andy back from doing anything more and then I faint.



Hello peeps, sorry for not publishing anything in a super long time but here is the next thing. Disclaimer, I do not know if this is how Andy acts and I'm not trying to make a bad name for him, this is just me. 

Whelp if you have any requests on what should happen next, comment.


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