If Loving Him is Wrong, I Don't Wanna Be Right (Andy's sister x Ashley Purdy)

I’m Raven… Raven Kate Biersack. Sister of Andrew Denis Biersack Singer of Black Veil Brides. NO! I’m not his real sister, I’m his step sister, just because I took my step dad’s last name doesn’t mean I am automatically his real sister. I’m 17 years old and I live with my abusive mom and kind step dad. I’m bisexual. I listen to mostly rock music. My mom and step dad got married when I was 10 and I got used to him. My mom got addicted to drugs and became a drunk when I was 14, that’s when she started beating me...


1. Chapter 1: Wait?! He’s your son?!?!

    I was sleeping soundly in my warm cozy bed, no one could ruin my sleep. Just kidding. “GET UP YOU SLUT! GET YOUR ASS READY FOR SCHOOL NOW!” my mother yelled as she yanked my out of my bed. Her grip was tight and firm, I didn’t think she was gonna let go. She shoved me onto the floor and left my room. I got up and got into my favorite Black Veil Bride shirt and skinny jeans. I flat ironed my hair and put in my piercings in. I left my room with my backpack and phone. My ears were flooded with music so I didn’t hear my mom yelling at me as I left for school. It was gonna me different this year, I’m a junior this year, I will be 17 this year. I walked into the school and Catherine and her cheerleaders walk up to me. Catherine grabs me by the arm and shoves me into the lockers. I grunt and shrug it off, they all laugh as I walk away. I hear one of the cheerleaders say “Raven wait!” I turn around and see my best friend and my lovely girlfriend running over to me. I smile happily, seeing her in her sexy cheer outfit and her hair in a tight pony tail. I go to hug her, but her smile turns into s firm frown as her fist meets my cheek. My eyes widen and I grasp my cheek “L-Lilly..?” She pushes me down and kicks my stomach, hard. I cry in pain, holding my stomach and she kicks my head, twice as hard. The last thing I remember hearing is Lilly saying “never call me that name again, emo losers like you don’t have the right to.” Then I black out. I wake up in the nurse’s office, surrounded by a few of my friends. They all make sure I’m okay then take me to class. After school I stand outside waiting for Lilly but she never shows up. A few of the jocks walk over and as always they beat me up until they are satisfied. Once they leave I fall to my knees and cry hard. Suddenly I feel a set of arms pick me up and start walking. I open my eyes to find a boy wearing glasses and all black carrying me, my vision was blurry so I wasn’t sure who it was, all he said was “You must be Raven, I’m Andy, I was told to come get you.” I fell asleep on the way to wherever he was taking me, for some reason I felt safe in his arms. When I woke up I was on the couch in my step dad, Steve’s couch. My mom and step dad have separate houses, a few blocks away from each other because my mom is a greedy bitch and said she needed her space, I sadly live with the bitch. I slowly sat up and looked around, I smiled at the sight of Steve on the other couch. I sat up but was startled by a sexy, raspy male voice saying “RAVEN!! You’re finally awake.” I looked at Steve but he wasn’t talking, so I turned around to find…


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